Golf Shoes

For golfers that take this game serious the need to have the best up to date equipment is a must. Golf shoes are no exception. A good designed golf shoe can provide the golfer with balance, comfort, water protection, and all terrain traction.

Golf shoe manufactures have a very large selection, and cover the need for golfer that want: spikes or spike less, water proof, causal, comfort, size choices, light weight, style, color choices etc.

Before buying a new pair of shoes checkout manufactures like Foot Joy, Nike, Callaway, Ecco, Puma, Adidas and others.

“Golf, the best way to spoil a good walk. “

Winston Churchill is quoted for saying that, or was it Mark Twain? However, if you ask me, I’d say that Winston nor Mark didn’t have the chance to play golf nowadays, when there are lots and lots of excellent golf shoes available, which make the game and the walk itself much more pleasant than in the past.

With these things considered, let’s make a top list, in no particular order, of some of the best golf shoes available on the market. Let’s see what makes them different and which particular pair will suit your needs best.
Golf Shoes are Surprisingly Important
A good pair of golf shoes can do almost as much for your game as a $500 driver or a new set of irons. Yet, for many golfers, shoes are the last thing that they think about in regard to their game. In fact, some golfers ignore golf shoes altogether, instead opting to play in regular tennis shoes. If you are serious about playing better golf, and keeping your feet comfortable at the same time, golf shoes are an accessory that should be firmly on the ‘must have’ list.
What makes golf shoes so important? It all starts with footwork. You should be building your golf swing from the ground up, with your legs playing an important role in delivering the club to the ball. As you finish the backswing and transition into the downswing, your legs should be aggressively rotating toward the target. If you lack traction from your shoes, however, you won’t be able to make that aggressive leg motion. It is crucial that your feet are firmly attached to the ground during the swing, and well-designed golf shoes can make that happen.
Shoes will always be an individual thing, as a pair that feels great to one golfer could feel terrible to another. Of course, you always want to try on any pair of golf shoes before you purchase them to be sure they are comfortable on your feet. When you head out to shop for your next pair of golf shoes, keep the following tips in mind –
• Know your weather. There are plenty of waterproof golf shoe options on the market – but those wouldn’t make much sense for you if you live and golf in the desert. Think about your typical conditions for a round of golf before you purchase shoes. For a warm weather player, a lightweight shoe that uses a breathable material is likely best. Of course, if you do play in a wet climate, finding a good pair of waterproof shoes should be at the top of your priority list.
• Stability matters. One of the biggest differences between regular tennis shoes and golf shoes is the lateral stability that golf shoes have to offer. As you swing the club, the sides of your shoes will be stressed by the rotational motion of the swing. When trying on golf shoes, be sure to make some practice swings in a safe area so you can feel how the shoes perform during the action of swinging the club. You want them to be comfortable yet rigid enough to hole up to your swing for 18 holes at a time.
• How do they look? The look of your shoes can not only affect the appearance that you have on the course, but also your performance. Remember, you will be able to see your shoes each time you look down to address the ball. Are the shoes distracting? Is there a color or pattern that will pull your eyes away from the ball? If you find that focus is a problem for you on the course, consider opting for black shoes to avoid being distracted at address. Remember, it’s all about playing your best, so pick out the pair of shoes that will help you toward that objective.
Many golfers will find a golf shoe brand that they like and then stick with it for years to come. Whether you choose to be loyal to your shoes or you would rather shop around each time you need a new pair, be sure that they are comfortable and will support you for all four or five hours on the course.

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