Ecco Men's Golf Lux Golf Shoes Review
©Ecco Golf

The Ecco Golf Lux golf shoes retail for a pretty hefty price, $300 (MSRP) respectively, and they deliver premium quality in a classic style design. These shoes are built and designed using high-end materials and impeccable craftsmanship to create a timeless addition to any respectable golfer's paraphernalia, combining leather welt with the latest and greatest technologies in Ecco's portfolio. The Ecco Golf Lux boast professional standard spikes (Champ SLIM LOK & ZARMA spikes ) on the sole, to deliver outstanding stability during your swing, from tee off to the final putt, together with modern/high tech features in a classic design. The Golf Lux are built using a supple leather upper and contrasting finishes for a refined and elegant look; moreover, in order to enhance water resistance, the leather was treated with Ecco's proprietary Hydromax technology.

The shoes come with 2 inlay soles and perforated leather lining for additional width availability and enhanced climate control, and they're available in three colorways: bison/stone, black/black and white/white. On the golf course, the Ecco Golf Lux are as good as the iconic World Class GTX, due to the fact their sole is extremely stable, compared to the tennis-type golf shoes which are currently in vogue. I must mention again the Hydromax leather treatment, which confers these shoes superior perspiration and weather resistance, meaning your feet will stay cool in the heat and dry in the rain. Also, they're extremely well built, with high-end leather that delivers uncompromising quality, together with breathability and softness for your feet, and, last but not least, a rich look. The Ecco Golf Lux are the definition of the classic golf shoe, that is aimed at pleasing refined golfers seeking for the ultimate combo between old school looks, luxury, performance and outstanding comfort. These babies are like the Rolls Royce of golf shoes if you like, both in terms of comfort and durability, and if you can live with the price tag, they should rank high on your shopping list.