ECCO Street Evo One Golf Shoe Review

    The ECCO Street Evo One are said to be some of the most durable (if not the most) spikeless designed golf shoes in the industry. Retailing for just $119 a pair, wearing them will provide you with nothing less than world class comfort and quality at an affordable price, right out of the box. Basically, these shoe are so well designed and engineered that they don’t require a break-in period, they feel as well/comfy immediately after unboxing them and after one month of wearing them on the golf course and that’s just great in my book.

    The ECCO brand was synonym with quality for a number of years now and the Street Evo One are continuing the tradition with flying colors. But along with outstanding craftsmanship and premium materials, ECCO is also offering improved levels of comfort and a stylish design. If you take a look at these babies, you’ll understand why this company is credited with no less than inventing the street golf shoes! In terms of appearance, I am a big fan of the conservative yet pretty cool design of these babies and I bet you will see both youngs and seasoned golf players wearing them and enjoying every minute while playing their favorite game. In terms of performance, you should know that the sole in the Street Evo One is built using the same stuff luggage wheels and roller blades are built from, meaning that you’ll benefit from huge amounts of traction for years in a row. Along with great durability, the sole is not compromising in terms of flexibility, balance, traction and lightweight, blending all these features into an excellent combo. While playing in these shoe, you’ll feel glued to the ground, regardless of the terrain you’re on, and you’ll also benefit from an excellent feedback during your swings. Playing in the “best bang for the buck” category, the ECCO Street Evo One are available in six colorways and I can recommend them to any golf enthusiast who cares about his gear.