FootJoy Contour Series Golf Shoe Review

    FootJoy’s Contour series are by far the most successful and popular golf shoes in terms of sales figures, thanks to their special construction which provides you with exceptional comfort, versatility and durability and also allows you to design your own and unique pair of shoes (there are 14,704,540 combinations to choose from!) So far, FootJoy sold over seven million pairs of these babies and each new generation gets better and better in terms of comfort and fit.

    The latest Contour Series are an improved/refreshed version of an already legendary golf shoes, as they’re softer, lighter and more flexible, weighing only 399 grams vs 456 grams for the previous generation. The improvements are due to the new materials introduced in their construction, i.e. the lighter and softer UltraSoft full grain leather upper and also an ultra light midsole made from a combination of a lightweight EVA and FootJoy’s proprietary FineTune foam. The Duramax rubber outsole’s weight was also cut down, without compromising the shoe stability (it’s actually 9% more flexible than the previous gen), thanks to the OptiFlex Forefront Flex Zone and the TPU Stability Bridge packed into the shoe’s design. The new Contour Series are built with comfort in mind and FootJoy achieved it with the supplementary 4% of extra cushioning, courtesy of SofCollar and the Contoured FitBed, which provides unparalleled support for the foot during your swing. Walking around the golf course will put no pressure on your feet thanks to the Zarma Cleats by Champ, which come with a cushion layer that absorbs the pressure from the spikes and also greatly reduces impact. The Contour Series Golf Shoes come with a 2 year waterproof warranty and they’re available in a multitude of colorways at a price tag of $135 for the classic Contour Series and $155 for the Contour Series BOA.