FootJoy FJ  SuperLites CT Golf Shoe Review

    As the name suggests, with FJ SuperLites CT golf shoes, the name of the game is performance enhanced with an ultra light feel. With a price tag of just $115, the FJ SuperLites CT offer great value for all the golf players who seek the ideal comfort in an athletic form factor. Weighing a mere 1.15 pounds, the SuperLites are extremely lightweight (the lightest in FootJoy’s line of golf shoes), exceptionally comfortable, the foot breathes well inside them and since their design resembles sneakers, they’re more suitable to be worn, stylistically speaking, with short rather than long pants.

    Their sporty look is accentuated by the mesh upper, which comes with a downside: the FJ SuperLites CT golf shoes are not water proof unfortunately and this is their only caveat in my opinion. Hence, depending on your climate, buying them may or may not be a good idea. FootJoy offers the Superlites in various colorways: dark grey/black(red soles), white/grey(blue soles),light grey/black(neon soles) and white/black/black(black soles). The CT particle in their denomination means that the SuperLites are constructed using FootJoy’s Competiton II lasts, which due to its design that positions your weight forward, offers you an athletic feel.

    FJ SuperLites’s incredibly lightweight construction that makes them extremely comfortable is achieved by FootJoy by incorporating the Fined Tuned Foam into their manufacturing process, i.e. the outsoles; the foam outsoles are highly durable and flexible and the mesh upper is also very light, letting the foot to breathe well and making for these shoes the ideal choice for warm climates. The outsole features pointy rubber/plastic shapes instead of spikes, for improved traction and slipping is virtually non-existent on any type of terrain. Bottom line, the FJ SuperLites CT golf shoes are built to last, light as a feather (even price-wise),they require no breaking in period and they’re extremely easy to clean, being perfect for summer wear.