Nike Fi Impact Golf Shoe Review

    The Fi Impact is a high quality golf shoe from Nike with a price tag of $130, hugely comfortable and offering surprising amounts of traction despite their spikless design. I must admit that Nike are one of the most innovative footwear companies in the world and with the Fi Impact, you’ll enter in a world of bliss for your feet. Fi stands for Free Inspired and that will become obvious as soon as you’ll start wearing them.
    In terms of design, the Fi Impact looks pretty good, a bit bulky for my taste actually, and resembles Nike’s gym sneakers; basically, they don’t have the traditional design of a golf shoe, yet they come with all the advantages of a high quality/dedicated golf shoe disguised in a casual sneaker appearance.

    What makes the Fi Impact different is in the traction/grip department. Nike really did their homework with these golf shoes, creating one of the best spikeless designs out there. I can honestly say that the Nike Fi Impact will offer you the same amount of traction and control during your swing (even in wetlands!) as a regular spiked pair of golf shoes and that’s amazing. Also, they’re waterproof and being a successful mélange between a comfy sneaker and a functional golf shoe, they’re highly recommended for casual golf players with a taste for performance under cover.

    The reinforced upper is created using a rip stop/waterproof mesh and features Nike’s Dynamic Fit technology and a lightweight design which offers stability and total control on the turf; I must emphasize, these spikeless shoes will never let you down even if you’re playing on mushy terrain, it’s actually unbelievable! The huge amounts of grip and traction are a consequence of the cleverly designed rubber outsole which features integrated traction lugs/patterns for perfect grip on any type of surface.