Puma Titantour Brown Golf Shoe Review

    If Cronus, the leader of the titans in ancient Greek mythology would have played golf, his choice would have been the Puma Titantour golf shoe! Ok, I am exaggerating a bit to make an impression, but I must tell you folks that the Titantour Brown is one in a million in the plethora of golf shoes on the market today. Maybe the coolest thing about these awesomely looking shoes is that, along with their timeless/classic design, they’re built using the same technology NASA is using for putting people into space. Yes, they are so technologically advanced indeed! Puma developed an uber-high tech golf shoe borrowing a space age material used by NASA in the cosmonaut’s space suits, namely the Outlast Technology for total temperature control/regulation and also a very special memory foam, Shapelock, which is used in the shoe’s internal construction for providing you with a glove like/customized fit. Thanks to Puma’s state of the art engineering and craftsmanship, the Titantour Brown can be regarded as the ultimate golf shoe in terms of ground control, comfort, fit and versatility, all dressed up in a stylish brown leather upper!

    Even the elegant and durable full grain leather upper is imbibed with high tech, featuring the Outlast technology for providing your feet with a temperature controlled wear. The shoes are crafted using the best materials and know how, being waterproof guaranteed for 2 years. The sockliner embraces your feet like a glove, due to the Shapelock memory foam which is used in building the tongue and internal collar, keeping your foot locked in perfectly during your swings. The cushioning for the heel and the midfoot is assured by Puma’s own IdCell technology while the supportive POWER VAMP/POWER TOE features provide you with flexibility and lateral support for unparalleled stability during your game. The GripZone secondary traction elements work together with the low profile Stealth Cleat (they’re built from a composite material which includes Kevlar) for optimum amounts of traction on any kind of turf.

    Everything about the Puma Titantour is at superlative and they’re highly recommended if you want to enhance your game experience, thanks to these shoes outwardly capabilities!