FootJoy FJ Golf Casual Men's Golf Shoes Review
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The FootJoy FJ Golf Casual retail for $129.99 (MSRP) and they're built and designed to provide amazing lightweight comfort all day long, together with a versatile (as in casual, hence the name) look. Basically, wearing the FJ Golf Casual would feel like home both on the golf course and “after hours” so to speak, when you're enjoying a pint at the pub with your friends, telling stories about your latest adventures on the golf course. The FJ Golf Casual boast a spikeless design, which dramatically improves off-course comfort , yet nothing was sacrificed in terms of performance on the “battlefield”. These babies boast soft molded rubber traction elements on the sole, which provide excellent turf gripping traction on all types of lie, guaranteeing a slip-free golf round, regardless of weather conditions.

The contour last of the FJ Golf Casual golf shoes was engineered to perfectly match the shape of your foot, while the state of the art PU Fit-Bed technology delivers extremely soft and lightweight underfoot cushioning, for increased heel support and improved comfort round after round. The grain leather upper of the FJ Golf Casual was carefully built to provide durability, breathability, and amazingly enough, waterproof comfort, as the company vows these babies to be one hundred percent waterproof for 1 year in normal use. To make a long story short, if you're looking for feather light spikeless golf shoes, the FootJoy FJ Golf Casual have your name on them, especially if you want to wear these babies both on and off the course, i.e. if you're looking for a “two for the price of one” kind of a deal. Add on top of that the FJ Golf Casual's supreme fit and casual looks, not to mention the fact they're waterproof, and you'll end up with a winner. All these things considered, I would strongly recommend you to take a closer look at the FJ Golf Casual if you're looking for some of the best spikeless golf shoes in the industry.