Nike TW ’14 Mesh Golf Shoe Review

    The Nike TW ’14 Mesh is a golf shoe specially designed for the legendary Tiger Woods and it’s the living proof to Nike’s excellence when it comes to footwear. What makes these shoes so great is the fact that they will deliver you a full package of looks, comfort and performance at an affordable price tag of just $135. And due to the fact that the upper is made from mesh, it adds breathability as an extra, making them the ideal golf shoes for the summer season. From my point of view, the main reason for choosing these golf shoes is the exceptional comfort level they deliver, especially in the hottest days of the year. As I already told you, the synthetic mesh upper gets the job well-done (breathability wise) and thanks to Nike’s Dynamic Flywire technology you’ll benefit from unparalleled levels of comfort and support without compromising flexibility and overall performance.

    You can walk 18 and go to the pub after the game for a few hours and feel fresh afterwards; all these are possible in the Nike TW 14 Mesh, they are that comfy folks! In terms of design, these shoes are in the sweet spot, in good Nike tradition, combining the coolness with conservatism in a unique way. This is basically a golf shoe that doesn’t scream “hey, look at me” in any way, shape or form. But when it comes to performance, the TW 14 Mesh will do the job admirably and then some. Despite their spikeless design, the soles have plenty of various tread for providing you with tons of grip in all types of terrain and in any weather conditions.
    It’s true that when walking on pavement or tarmac, they’ll feel pretty similar to a spiked shoe, but your walking ability will not be impaired significantly in the parking lot for example. However, you’ll learn to appreciate the heavy duty grip provided by the Nike’s TW 14 sole when you’ll be forced to play the game in a wet side hill near the lake, here is where these shoes perform brilliantly. Basically, if you require a feather light golf shoe which offers you more flexibility and comfort than a high end (spiked) golf shoe, these babies are your number 1 choice. The TW 14 are available in White/Black-Volt-Wolf Grey and Base Grey/Black-Legion Red-Dark Base Grey colorways and if you buy a pair, you’ll ask for seconds in no time!