Nike TW’14 Golf Shoe Review

    With a price tag (reduced) of $144 and available in Black/Metallic Dark Grey/Varsity Red/Reflect Silver colorways, the Nike TW ’14 are living proof that Tiger Woods’ name really sells like no other. However, while other companies just use his name whilst their products are never actually used by the champ, the Nike TW ’14 are another story, because Tiger won the 2013 Players Championship wearing these babies! In terms of design, the TW’14 resemble free style running shoes rather than professional golfing ones. Also, they’re not as light as you might imagine from watching commercials; I don’t mean they’re heavy, far from it, but they are a little bit heavier than others (advertised as “light golf shoes”) in this niche. Also, the midsole is somewhat bulky, as they come with a generous mid sole design, but after you slip in the TW’14 for the first time, you’ll understand what they’re really about! The name of the game is comfort and then some! The heel fits perfectly in a hugely comfy padding in the rear section of the shoe whilst the front of the shoe is designed with a wider forefoot, contributing to the outstanding feeling of comfort and coziness.
    Besides their excellent comfort and fit, the TW’14 were re-designed (vs the previous 2013 version) using Nike’s proprietary FlyWire technology, thus improving stability using feather light and strong cables which are fed down from the lacing to the sole of the shoe, making sure that the tension in the shoe is evenly distributed all around your foot and not only on the top. Thanks to the state of the art design and engineering used by Nike, the TW ’14 are maybe the most comfortable professional golf shoes available on the market.

    The specifically designed insoles contribute decisively to the stability and comfort of the shoe and they also add great to the overall performance. The insole is designed to allow lots of flexibility and movement during your swings and also it provides excellent feedback/it keeps your feet in close proximity to the turf, better and longer than before. The outsole comes with 6 Champ Zarma/replaceable spikes and also features plenty rubbery/soft dimples which aid with the traction. Nike also created eight softer spikes on the inside/front section, contributing further in terms of grip and traction on difficult terrain. Another crucial element that plays a significant role in terms of performance is represented by the deep cuts in the sole that allow the Nike TW 14 to flex, bend and twist freely during your natural swing motion. This sole really makes a difference, believe me folks, and this is what these shoes stand for: traction and easy-lightweight flexibility on all turfs. The upper of the shoe is also light and flexible, as it bends around while you move your feet, unlike traditional golf shoes. Bottom line: highly recommended for no-nonsense golf players.