Callaway Apex Tour Golf Shoe Review
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    The Callaway Apex Tour comes with a price tag of $179.99 and it was built based on a long/bestselling golf shoe (the Tour Authentic) after taking into account the demands of professional Tour players. The end result was a completely redesigned/rebuilt golf shoe that meets and exceeds all the requirements of a high-end high-performance piece of footwear. Style and performance met in the Apex Tour, an elegant golf shoe capable of providing you with everything you need on any kind of turf, being loaded with all the performance features Callaway is capable of.
    Being available in two basic colorways, all black or all white, the Apex Tour represent an excellent choice if you’re a fashion conscious golf player striving for high performance while playing your favorite game because these babies breath class from any angle you look at them. In terms of design, the Apex Tour is indiscernible from a high end pair of dress shoes, as they inspire elegance and character, not to mention the fact that they’re built using the finest choice of materials.

    The upper is made from high quality /handcrafted brogue-style leather, using the best and the most handsome full grain leather available on the market. If you take a look at the sole, you’ll understand what “performance enhancing features” really mean in Callaway’s philosophy. The outsole features Callaway’s Xfer Tractional technologies in a 9 spike configuration using Pro Flex PINS high performance spikes for providing you with the ultimate grip on any terrain. The outsole is built from a composite material i.e. multi density layers to add comfort and stability during your swings while a super-comfy last was designed to keep you lower to the turf, minimizing toe-hill drop and providing you with excellent feedback. The Callaway Apex Tour is available with an additional set of fashion laces in your favorite color and two years waterproof warranty plus 30 day comfort guarantee.