SKECHERS GO GOLF PRO V.3 - LX Golf Shoes Review
©Skechers Golf

The SKECHERS GO GOLF PRO V.3 – LX golf shoes retail for $160 (MSRP) and they're designed by the company's own Matt Kuchar, offering a classic design, waterproof protection via Skechers® H2GO Shield technology, replaceable Softspikes and a high quality premium/full grain leather upper. The outsole of the SKECHERS GO GOLF PRO V.3 – LX features diamond designed traction plates, to provide you with impeccable grip and traction on all types of turf, while the outsole design is low-profiled for full contact, featuring 5th gen cushioning, which is very lightweight and responsive.

There's also state of the art midfoot support technology incorporated into SKECHERS GO GOLF PRO V.3 – LX's built, which works together with High-performance Resamax® cushioned insole to take your golf game to new heights. To ensure maximum grip, these golf shoes benefit from Skechers's Replaceable Softspokes®, that are incredibly easy to replace via the company's patented Softspikes® Stealth PIN system. Bottom line, Skechers' third generation of their tour-player golf shoes is an incremental evolution compared to its previous versions, and it's very easy to recommend, as they deliver both stability and style in a timeless design , with complete waterproof protection and replaceable Softspikes.