Ecco Men's Golf Cool 18 GTX Golf Shoes Review
©Ecco Golf

The Ecco Golf Cool 18 GTX golf shoes retail for $280 (MSRP) and they're available in three fancy sounding and looking colorways: dark shadow/black transparent, white/dynasty and white/tomato and they're engineered to the company's exceptionally high standards, both in terms of performance and looks. The Ecco Golf Cool 18 GTX's contemporary and bold design comes with state of the art sports technology and top-notch quality, hence the hefty price tag obviously. However, no compromises were made in terms of durability and comfort, i.e. the Ecco Golf Cool 18 GTX come with all day wearability, which is a must-have feature for their price bracket to be honest. Together with contemporary styling and top notch technologies, the Ecco Golf Cool 18 GTX boast exceptional breathability and guaranteed waterproofing, all in a cleated golf shoe design, that will keep your feet comfortable and dry all day long, regardless of the weather conditions. For many old school golfers, Ecco rhymes with spikeless styles (pun intended).

In the case of Ecco Golf Cool 18 GTX, the company worked with GORE to create something which can be described as a technological marvel, a golf shoe taht features smooth lines in a contemporary style with dozens of little holes, which by the way are very important in terms of performance. Instead of the classic tongue, the Ecco Golf Cool 18 GTX boast a sock liner, that works together with the tiny holes I already told you about, to create the “Cool” part in their nomenclature. Now, performance wise, these babies are extremely grippy on the turf, boasting excellent traction, and due to the GORE-Tex membrane which completely surrounds your foot, you'll be amazed to discover how dry your socks and feet will be after a long humid/hot day on the golf course. It's true that technology and performance doesn't come cheap, and the Ecco Golf Cool 18 GTX are proof of that. However, if you can live with the price tag, these babies really worth a try.