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The SKECHERS GO GOLF ELITE V.3 retail for $100 (MSRP) and they're built and designed with comfort in mind. Basically, these babies are all about comfort, boasting a brand new spikeless design, for improved stability and traction, in a waterproof form-factor. To make a long story short, wearing the SKECHERS GO GOLF ELITE V.3, you'll be able to focus on your game, regardless of the weather conditions, as they come with impressive traction for a spikeless golf shoe, and out-of-this-world comfort. Truth be told, if you take this babies on a test-drive, I bet they'll become your new-all-time-favorite golf shoes. And I'm saying that because the second-gen were just that in 2017, i.e. arguably the most comfortable golf shoes in the industry as per 2017 standards, especially if walking comfort is one's top priority when shopping for golf gear.

Compared to the second-gen, the SKECHERS GO GOLF ELITE V.3 come with a premium leather upper, which is maybe the most significant upgrade. Design wise, the third-gen keeps the contemporary and clean look of its predecessor, but the premium leather takes it all up a notch. Here's another cool upgrade: the SKECHERS GO GOLF ELITE V.3's air mesh lining inside acts like a breathable membrane and allows them to slip on your foot easily, and due to the generous cushioning around the ankle, you could clearly wear them sans socks, which is as cool as it gets in my book. Bottom line, the SKECHERS GO GOLF ELITE V.3 offer amazing comfort from heel to toe, there's no other word to it. The excellent mix of traction elements on the sole are impeccably designed to provide you with outstanding grip, and they're perfectly capable of harnessing serious swing forces. In layman's terms, the traction offered by the SKECHERS GO GOLF ELITE V.3 is rock-solid on any type of terrain, and on top of that, these shoes come with 2 year water-proof warranty. Now, if you're looking for all day supreme comfort and awesome traction, which are basically the hallmarks of a proper golf shoe, the SKECHERS GO GOLF ELITE V.3 are very easy to recommend.