Nike Jordan Trainer ST Golf Shoes Review

    The Nike Jordan Trainer ST retail for $200 (MSRP) and they're the latest offering from a well known and established sports shoes brand. Since this is not the first pair of Jordan shoes to hit the golf courses, they have a reputation to “enforce”, sort of speak. And in good Nike tradition, the Nike Jordan Trainer ST live up to their name and our expectations. After last year's Flight Runner golf shoes, Nike released the new and improved Nike Jordan Trainer ST, which are more “outlandish” to say the least, and they're aimed at sneaker aficionados and “trendy” golf players.

    Basically, the Nike Jordan Trainer ST are built for offering the comfort and wearability of a traditional sneaker, while making no compromises in terms of performance/grip/stability on harsh terrains, such as golf courses. So, how do you put together a sneaker and a high-performance golf shoe, in just one package? Well, if you're Nike, the answer is obvious. The Nike Jordan Trainer ST come fully loaded with all the features necessary for providing high amounts of traction and stability, without compromising comfort and feedback. Features like tri-lock spikes on the outsole, rubber in the heel of the sneakers for added cushioning and comfort, the same rubber inserts in the forefoot for increased support, together with a beautiful and wear-resistant leather upper. For added lightweight and supreme cushioning, the Nike Jordan Trainer ST also come with an injected unit sole, which works in tandem with the forefoot moderation plate, aimed at increasing stability.

    The $200 Nike Jordan Trainer ST are available in 2 colorways: white-black and black cool/grey gym red.