FootJoy Contour Casual Golf Shoe Review

    The Contour Casual are the perfect choice if you’re a fan of classic looking golf shoes. Along with their traditional looks, you’ll be most impressed by the stability provided by the DuraMax rubber outsole, which confers these shoes excellent traction in wet conditions and also in bunkers. And keep in mind that we’re talking here about spikeless golf shoes! And being spikeless, comes with an obvious advantage: you can wear the Casuals on and off golf course, but be aware that the rubber nodules on the DuraMax sole are somehow rigid, and while they’re excellent at providing grip on the golf course where they’re quite comfy to wear, you’ll not enjoy them as much on a paved road for example.

    Another great advantage of the Contour Casual is that they’re waterproof, a serious concern for every golfer who enjoys to play the game early in the morning, especially in wet climates (read Scotland).

    You should be aware of the fact that Contour Casual’s design is based on the FootJoy Contour shoe, hence the last is pretty roomy and if you have wide feet, these shoes will fit you “like a glove”.

    The upper is made of high quality leather and the overall impression is that they will last forever, due to their impressive craftsmanship.
    If I would have to characterize these golf shoes in two words, they’d be “smart casual”.

    And given the affordable price tag of $115, they make for an excellent choice as an additional/extra pair of golf shoes to add to your collection.
    Contour Casual are available in four colorways: white/navy, black/brown, grey/green and brown/orange.

    I must emphasize the fact that you’ll be very impressed with the overall quality of these shoes and especially with the choice of leathers used in their construction, which is top-notch.