Nike Lunar Control 3 iD Golf Shoe Review

    The Nike Lunar Control 3 iD golf shoes are a special version of the regular model (the iD thing makes all the difference) which benefits from a few advantages. Basically, you can create your own pair of golf shoes, as unique as they get, by customizing your graphic pattern, speckle your midsole and adding breathability for your feet. With a price tag of $210/pair, the Lunar Control 3 iD will bring you increased stability and a unique look. And if you add into the mix the fact that these golf shoes were developed with Rory McIlroy, well, if they’re good enough for him, the champ, they will probably satisfy you too, don’t you think?

    The Lunar Control 3 design incorporates direct feedback from world’s best golf player and that translates into unparalleled comfort, lightweight performance and stability. The superb amounts of traction on any type of turf are due to the re-designed outsole which now features a supplementary spike, located under the big toe; stability was also increased by slightly lowering the shoes profile, which is now closer to the ground, providing excellent feedback during your swings. Lunar 3 iD are light as a feather, courtesy of Nike’s Lunarlon technology, i.e. the special foam injected in the midsole. The upper of the shoe features Nike’s proprietary Flywire tech, providing a perfect/secure fit and adding to the already impressive levels of comfort. The lower to the ground design was achieved using a carbon fiber midfoot shank and the stability was increased by designing a wider base for the shoe. The Lunarlon technology is responsible for the excellent levels of cushioning, providing you with total comfort during your play. These babies will offer you maximum support for your feet by using a minimalist structure, thanks to the Flywire technology. The synthetic upper is waterproof(Nike offers 2 years waterproof warranty) while the iconic design and the Nike Swoosh signature made these professional golf shoes a world-wide hit.