Oakley Carbon Pro 2 Golf Shoe Review

    The Oakley Carbon Pro 2 retails for a hefty price tag of $200 but taking into account that what we’re dealing here with is a high-performance pair of golf shoes designed for the elite golf players, well, the price is right. Basically, these are Oakley’ most advanced golf shoes to date, hence they incorporate integrated technologies for delivering outstanding comfort, grip and overall performance. Being packed with high tech stuff, like resistance to abrasion to enhance long-time durability, anti-microbial treatment to help mitigate odors by pulverizing the bacteria which causes them, Coreflex channels for enhancing comfort and performance, a lightweight design for unparalleled levels of comfort and so on and so forth, one can only ask how these babies will perform in real life, right? Well, the short answer is outstanding.

    To start with, the most impressive feature of the Carbon Pro 2 (the sequel) is their feather-light weight, or maybe I should use the words “lack of weight”. They feel like they’re not there to be honest, which is awesome! Another strong selling point for the Carbon Pro 2 is the PINS cleat system, featuring Oakley’s Performance Insert System. The outsole is simply amazing in terms of grip and traction, without sacrificing comfort in the process, which is rather unusual for spiked golf shoes. The Octostick technology works in tandem with the Red Code Plus, providing you with amazing shock absorption and cushioning, whilst the feedback/tactile feel remains unaltered during your swings. The fit offered by these golf @Zshoes is perfect thanks to the Ortholite Footbed feature, so your feet will not suffer from slippage during your game while the breathability and flexibility remain top-notch in any kind of weather. Obviously, the full grain leather upper is waterproof, meeting and exceeding the industry standards. The moisture wicking liner contributes further to the shoe’s waterproofness, enhancing your comfort levels by wicking humidity away from your feet. Overall, I am impressed by Oakley’s achievements and I highly recommend the Carbon Pro 2 to any golf enthusiast.