Ashworth Leucadia Tour Golf Shoe Review

    The Ashworth Leucadia Tour is basically the updated version of the classic, traditional saddle, featuring premium craftsmanship and an obsessive attention to details. These high end golf shoes do not come cheap, but they’re built using high quality leather for the upper, which confers them a high end look and feel. But looks are not everything, because these babies are created with comfort in mind and their smart design provides you with excellent cushioning for your all-day comfort. Along with these must-have characteristics for a reputable golf shoe, rest assured that performance is still here, due to the 7 cleat outsole, built using the immensely comfortable Pulsar PINS cleat system for providing you with the ultimate grip/traction on any turf. For enhanced levels of comfort and cushioning during your swings, these golf shoes feature an EVA heel insert and a KHP foam insole, which work together with incredible results; you’ll have to try it for yourself to see what I’m talking about.

    Retailing for $170/pair, the Leucadia Tour feature a design aimed at “old school” golf players, meaning that they have a classic, timeless look which is very popular nowadays in the golf community. What’s very striking at a first glance is the stitched saddle, in good Ashworth tradition, which boasts the company’s perfect attention to details and impeccable craftsmanship. Another nice touch from Ashworth is the extra set of laces these shoes are delivered with and also the leather welt built, with premium details (the stitching).