ECCO BIOM G2 Golf Shoe Review

    The ECCO BIOM G2 golf shoes retail for a hefty price tag of $240, but for that kind of money you’ll receive the full package: lock, stock and barrel. If you want a high end /cleated pair of golf shoe that look very stylish and offer stellar performance, these are it. When ECCO’s designers started their hard work on the BIOM G2, they came up with an anatomically shaped last that was obtained after scanning over 2500 athlete’s feet, for providing you with optimal amounts of stability during your favorite game. This fact alone should give you an idea about how ECCO’s perfection standards were applied in developing these babies. The overall design of these shoe is aimed for unparalleled levels of traction and comfort in any imaginable situation, a very special “feel” that’s usually reserved for pro golf players. The ECCO BIOM G2 are built using a high-quality soft (yak) leather upper which is light as a feather and doesn’t “abuse” your feet in any way while you’re out on the turf. The midsole was thinned down as much as possible in order to keep you closer to the ground, thus providing you with excellent feedback about what type of traction/terrain lies underneath your feet. The yak leather is protected by ECCO’s proprietary HydroMax and anti-stain technologies in rough weather and you can choose from 6 different colorways.

    The BIOM G2 is light weight yet very sturdy/solid and provides his wearer with great lateral support without compromising flexibility and comfort. You should be aware of the fact that these golf shoes are built for high performance, hence they’re strictly recommended for wearing on the golf course, due to their spiked outsole. The insole comes with a nice feature called silicon printing that reduces the movement of the foot inside of the shoe, adding stability and precision during your swing. The outsole features a SLIM-Lok cleat system developed by CHAMP Spikes, offering huge amounts of grip and traction in any kind of weather and on any type of turf. On top of all these state of the art technologies, the BIOM G2 golf shoes are also built to last you for years and years, showing only minimal signs of wear and tear after a year and a half of “golf abuse” by yours truly. If you want a high performance, good looking/stylish golf shoe that’s designed to provide you with great functionality, traction and support during your favorite game, just go for the ECCO BIOM G2, you’ll never regret it.