Callaway Del Mar Zephyr Golf Shoe Review
    © Callaway Golf

    The new Del Mar Zephyr golf shoe is a notable improvement over the previous generation, featuring the same spikeless design and the full grain leather upper, along with Callaway’s Xfer platform technology; somehow, Callaway managed to make the “facelift” Del Mar Zerphyr 20% lighter than the previous gen and that translates into more comfort and performance in virtually the same/proven design. Basically, if you enjoyed playing your favorite game in the previous gen, you’ll love its latest reiteration.

    With a very decent price-tag of $119.99, the Del Mar Zephyr golf shoe is built using a premium leather for the upper and an all EVA outsole, which benefits from Callaway’s proprietary Xfer technology for improving traction and flexibility. The design is very European, in a refreshing and light styling and the choice of premium materials will not disappoint the pickiest customer. Being the lightest golf shoe in Callaway’s entire line, you’ll enjoy the great playability and unparalleled comfort offered by the spikeless design of the Del Mar Zephyr.
    The European design is underlined by the choice of premium leathers and the fashion inspired profile of the shoe. The ultra-light outsole built from EVA features Xfer Tractional elements which are molded into the sole and offer great traction on any type of terrain, optimizing performance and flexibility, while the Ortholite 3D insole is built for comfort and perfect fit, right out of the box. The Callaway Del Mar Zephyr are offered with a two sets of laces and 2 years limited waterproof warranty, along with 30 days comfort guarantee. If you’re on the prowl for a good looking/high quality pair of golf sneakers, the Del Mar Zephyr are a choice made in heaven and they won’t bleed your wallet dry.