New Balance Golf Leather 574 Golf Shoe Review

    The New Balance Golf Leather 574 is a premium piece of golf footwear, featuring a spiked design and a supremely comfy feel, which is pretty rare for a dedicated pair of golf shoes. Falling into the “best of both worlds category”, the New Balance Golf Leather 574 are designed to offer all the comfort and cushioning of a running/athletic shoe, while having in the same time the great characteristics of a dedicated golf shoe, i.e. functionality and performance in demanding environments. The upper is built from high quality synthetic leather (a microfiber actually), which features New Balance’s no-sew Fantom Fit technology which confers these shoes excellent fit and ultra-light lateral support, helping you achieve the perfect posture during your swings.

    The outsole is made from rubber and enhanced with New Balance’s proprietary Ndurance technology which works in tandem with the proprietary Champ® ONE-Lok® Zarma® cleat system, for providing you with great traction on all types of terrain and in any weather conditions. Despite being a spiked design, the comfort levels in the New Balance Golf Leather 574 are simply outstanding, as the outsole is very flexible and provides you with excellent tactile feedback and responsiveness. The midsole features a special foam compound, namely REVlite, which gives it resistance to wear and tear, being extremely durable and responsive without compromising in terms of comfort/cushioning. Overall, the New Balance Golf Leather 574 offer you a feather-light feel and great performance, without sacrificing stability or durability in the process. If you’re that kind of golfer who praises comfort and excellence, these babies are a match made in heaven for you, having a price tag of just $129.99/pair.