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In this section you will find the latest golf news and providing analytical or opinion type pieces. This years golf majors like “The Masters” preview, why the Handicap system makes golf the best recreational sport, Latest Golf Swing Tips, Golf Techniques, Professional PGA Pro Video Instructional Tips, and Advice: For All Level Golfers, Why does South Korea dominate women's golf?

How to Best Utilize the Many Sources of Golf News

In the modern world, it is not hard to track down news of any kind. No matter what you happen to be interested in, there is a news outlet – or many news outlets – to provide you with coverage. That is certainly true when it comes to golf. If you would like to keep up with everything happening in the golf world, you shouldn’t have any trouble doing so. In fact, you might find the hardest part to be sorting through the many sources to condense down the constant stream of information heading your way.

To make sure you are getting all the golf news you need – while limiting duplication as much as possible – it helps to have a plan. In this article, we are going to help you create such a plan. Of course, you will want to customize the ideas we are going to provide in order to meet your personal tastes and preferences. Once you are all setup, you shouldn’t have to think about tracking down news related to golf. Instead, it will be available to you whenever you have free time to get yourself caught up.

One of the first things to think about is where you would like to receive your golf news on a daily basis. Are you going to be doing most your reading on your phone, or would you like to view articles and videos on your computer? You can do both, of course, but you’ll probably use one more than the other depending on your daily habits. If you are going to use your phone mostly, for example, you can pick up some apps that will make it easier to tap into golf news in almost no time at all.

By setting yourself up with a great feed of golf news, you will never have to worry about falling behind on all of the latest events on the worldwide golf scene. Let’s get started!

What Are You Interested In?

Simply saying that you are going to keep up with the golf news is a little bit vague. After all, golf is a wide-ranging industry, with many different components that will interest various groups of people. Before you can put the sources of golf news to work for you, it will be necessary to first decide what kind of golf news you wish to follow.

To help you get started on that decision, we have assembled a list of golf news categories below.

  • Professional golf. This might be the first place your mind goes when you think about golf news. If you are a fan of the many professional tours around the world, you will want to consume a steady stream of PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour, and Tour news. This is where you will find updates on the top players, events, courses, and more. Whether you are just a casual fan or you take part in a fantasy golf league of some kind, it is easier than ever before to stay informed with regard to the world’s best players. Of all the various types of golf news, this will be by far the easiest to track down.
  • Golf equipment. Another popular area of golf news is the golf equipment industry. What kind of gear is about to hit the market? Is your favorite brand getting ready to release some new sticks? Whatever the case may be, monitoring golf equipment news can be fun for the serious golfer. Not only is this type of news entertaining, it may also be able to help you become a better player. If you are able to pick up some new pieces of equipment which allow you to solve a problem that existed in your game, your scores could come down as a result. Not all golfers find the equipment side of the game to be interesting, but those that do will want to have a way to track sources of golf gear news.
  • Golf courses and construction. This is a smaller niche, but some players are especially interested in the world of golf course design, operation, and construction. In recent times, there have been a number of courses closing due to market challenges, so you may be interested in those happenings. Or, you might want to find out if your favorite course designer has any new projects in the works. There are not very many outlets to track for news of this site, but you can find the information you are looking for with a bit of effort.
  • Local golf scene. If you are particularly involved in golf on a local level, you might want to track news sources that focus on your own area. This is a great way to find out about upcoming tournaments, social events, course openings/closings, and more. Also, if you would like to volunteer at any professional events that are coming to town, you may find out about those opportunities in this way as well. It should go without saying that the sources you use for local golf information will depend entirely on where you live.

After reviewing the list above, you have likely started to build a list in your mind of things that you are interested in. For instance, you may love watching professional golf, and you might have a strong interest in learning about new courses, but you might not care about equipment at all. The point here is to customize the news you receive to make it as relevant and interesting to you as possible. If you aren’t sure that you will be interested in some particular news source, you may want to add it initially as a trial. Should you find that you don’t wind up wanting to keep up with that type of news, you can always drop it later.



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29.Making Practice Pay Off Top 3 Tips
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40.Top 50 Golf Swing Video Searches
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43.The Forgotten Masters Dominance of Raymond Floyd
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46.The Enduring Beauty of Golf’s Handicap System (and how it can be imp
47.The Dreaded Shank Golf Shot
48.The Debate Over Today’s Golf Ball’s Going Too Far
49.2023 Golf Ball Compression Advice
50.The Health Advantages of Playing Golf
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53.Double Bogeys Mental Adjustments
54.Hybrid Woods vs. Hybrid Irons Which Hybrid is Right for You?
55.What Are The Benefits of Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrid Golf Clubs
56.A Story About Golf Clubs
57.The Benefits of Buying Golf Club Components
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65.Effective Hip Turn Takes Time and Practice
66.Discussing the New Golf Rules
67.Different Chipping Scenarios Require Different Club Selections
68.Develop an Effective Golf Game Plan
69.Details About The Memorial Golf Tournament
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71.Denny McCarthy Grip
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74.Dealing with Cold Weather
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76.Dave Pelz Golfer
77.United States Open Golf Championship
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80.Critical Aspects to Having a Strong Putting Game
81.Useful Tips for Using Golf Wedges
82.Using Golf Irons Clubs Effectively is Crucial for Scoring Well
83.Hybrid Golf Clubs To The “Rescue”!
84.Fairway Woods are Golfers Versatile Club Choice
85.Driver – The Longest Club in a Golfer’s Bag
86.Useful Golf Tips Specific to Ladies Golfer
87.Alignment Sticks Incredibly Beneficial for Golfers
88.The Benefits of Mastering Golf Bunker Shots
89.Golf-Specific Exercises
90.Focusing on the Mental Side of Golf
91.The Benefits of Doing Golf Exercises and Stretches
92.The Benefits of Online Golf Advice Through Tips and Q&A
93.Choosing The Right Golf Balls for Seniors
94.Correct Golf Setup Will Lead to Better Ball Striking
95.Understanding and Applying Golf Swing Tips Effectively
96.Golf Drills Benefit Golfers of all Skill Levels
97.The Benefits and Use of Golf Terms
98.Rory McIlroy’s Golf Tips Q & A
99.Beginner Golf Tips Provides Essential Fundamentals
100.The Benefits and Use of Senior Golf Tips
101.A 2 Wood Replaces a Driver for Some Golfers
102.The Benefits and use of a Number 3 Fairway Wood
103.Golfers Should Consider A 4 Wood
104.The Multiple Benefits of a #5 Fairway Wood
105.A #7 Fairway Wood is Versatile and Offers Unique Advantages
106.Should you Switch to a #9 Fairway Wood?
107.Carrying a #11 Fairway Wood in your Golf Bag can Offer Several Advanta
108.Firing-Clearing Your Hips in a Golf Swing
109.What Makes Golf a Really Difficult Game?
110.What is the Future for Golf
111.What is the Correct Ball Position for Every Golf Club?
112.What Is The Best Golf Story Ever!
113.What Is The Best Golf Shot Ever Hit?
114.Want More Distance Off the Tee? Learn to Draw The Ball
115.Viktor Hovland PGA Player Swing Sequence
116.Use a Shoulder Alignment That Maximizes Your Potential
117.Understanding Spine Tilt an Essential Aspect of the Golf Swing
118.Corey Conners Grip
119.Common Mistakes That Hinder Putting Performance
120.Collin Morikawa Grip
121.How to Groove your Swing to Find the Golf Slot Consistently
122.How to Ensure That your Shots are Directed Towards your Intended Targe
123.How to Ensure Successful Shots with a 3-Wood from the Fairway
124.What is in a Pro Golfers Bag?
125.Choose a 4 Wood Instead of a 3 Wood for Several Reasons
126.What Makes The Game of Golf so Interesting but also Difficult
127.Chipping With Distance Control
128.Chipping Strike Golf Lesson
129.Causes and Cures For Hitting Low Lofted Long Irons
130.Cause and Cure for Shortened Golf Backswing
131.Stephen Curry NBA Golfer
132.Top 12 Main Golf Problems Causes and Cures
133.Top 10 Secrets To A Great Golf Swing
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144.The Technique of Plumb-Bobbing a Putt
145.Build Golf Club Set Without Yardage Gaps
146.Bryson DeChambeau Grip
147.Brooks Koepka Pro Golfer Swing Sequence
148.Brooks Koepka PGA Career Update
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150.Golf Knee Bend Factors
151.Golf Strategies to Beat Pressure
152.How to Stop Striking the Ground Before the Ball with your Driver
153.Help for Golfers who Struggle with a Slice
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184.The Trigger Serves as a Cue to Transition from the Setup to the Golf S
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200.New 2023 Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrid 230cc Mini Driver Review
201.How to Become More Proficient at Lag Putting
202.The Takeaway Sets the Tone for the Entire Golf Swing
203.How to Overcome a Decelerating Golf Swing
204.Why the Golf Swing Weight Transfer is a Dynamic Process
205.Putting Advice – Emphasize the Importance of your Mindset
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217.Golf Player Profiles and Biographies
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221.Key Considerations Regarding the Eyes in Putting
222.Calories Burned During a Round of Golf
223.A Valuable Golf Tool to Enhance Your Practice
224.Wyndham Clark Grip
225.Keep Your Golf Grip Pressure Constant
226.Golf Swing Flaw: Relying Primarily On Arms-Only
227.New 2023 Golf Ball Compression Tips
228.Improving Your Lag Putting to Reduce Three-Putts
229.New Valuable Tip for Ladies to Generate More Power
230.Top 100 Golf Titles
231.2023 Information on Pre-Owned Golf Clubs
232.New Ways to Stop Three Putting
233.New Golf Advice for a Mid-Round Adjustment
234.Improve Chipping With Turn Through Motion
235.Par 5 Layup? or Go for the Green In Two
236.How to Increase Driver Swing Speed
237.Advice On Playing Over Water to a Tight Pin
238.It’s the “Go-To Club” For Many Golfers
239.Low Flight the Golf Ball in the Wind
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241.New Instructions to Break 80 in Golf
242.New Instructions to Break 90 in Golf
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244.Overcoming the Tendency to Leave Putts Short
245.Aaron Rai Grip
246.Nick Taylor Grip
247.Strategic Decision-Making on Very Long Par-3 Golf Holes
248.Take a Divot Swing VS Sweep the Golf Ball
249.New – Hitting Out of the Rough Strategy
250.Golfers New Alternatives to Chipping
251.How to Customize Your Pre-Shot Routine
252.Reasons Why a Golf Ball Fitting can be Beneficial
253.Key Points to a Target Line Putting Stroke
254.Golf Techniques to Hit Reliable and Powerful Drives
255.New Techniques to Help Hit High Golf Shots
256.How To Improve In Golf With Knowledge
257.Ben Hogan Is Still Impacting Modern Golfers
258.New Golf Ball Custom Fitting Service
259.Golf Mini Drivers Offer Alternatives
260.New Golf Techniques: Playing the Position Game
261.New Golf Techniques for Playing in the Wind
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263.A Unique and Distinctive Golf Swing Sequence
264.New Advice On Back Of The Bunker Shot
265.New Female Golfers Tips To Help Improve Their Game
266.2023 Golf Exercises & Stretches Information
267.2023 Advice On Golf Fairway Woods
268.2023 Information On Golf’s Greatest Teachers
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273.Long courses are challenging, but this is ridiculous
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276.Royal Bank of Canada Heritage Classic
277.Real Golfers Read Books, Not Just Greens
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297.Tiger Woods Gets Cleared in Wrongful Death Lawsuit
298.Deloitte and USGA Created Augmented Reality App for the US Open
299.Should You Be Playing Game Improvement Irons?
300.Golf Needs More Match Play
301.Does Brooks Koepka Get the Respect he Deserves?
302.The Highs and Lows of Tiger’s 2019 Season So Far
303.Bridgestone’s Tour B XS Golf Ball Celebrating Tiger Woods’ Masters
304.The Most Incredible Career in Sports Continues as Tiger Woods Wins 5th
305.TaylorMade Shows-Off their Brand Spanking New 2-Level PGA Tour Van (VI
306.NBA Star and Aid Golfer Steph Curry to Star in Mini-Golf Competition
307.Tiger Woods to Design Golf Course with Gil Hanse
308.Tiger Woods and GolfTV Announce Upcoming Head-to-Head Match Series
309.The 2019 Masters Preview
310.Golf Rules Changes You Should Know
311.The Power of the Shoulder Turn in Your Golf Swing
312.Why Do Tournaments have a “CUT” and what the heck is “MDF”
313.Punta Mita Golf Club
314.Jordan Spieth
315.Biopic “Return of the Roar” to be Aired by ESPN on Tiger W
316.Cut Golf Set to Launch Brand New Apparel Line Just in Time for the Hol
317.Callaway’s Odyssey R-Ball Gets Redesigned via GE’s Patented Additi
318.Callaway Women’s Footwear Line Expands With New Halo SL and Pacifica
319.Tifosi Optics Launches New Golfing Sunglasses: Track
320.Gus Andreone, Most Senior Member at PGA of America, Dies Aged 107
321.Galvin Green Reveals Part 2 Collection 2018
322.Great Again: Golf Equipment Sales Rise 8 Percent in United States
323.Want to Improve Golf Game? Hole More Putts May Be the Answer!
324.Check Out this Drone Umbrella Specially Designed for Golf Players
325.President Trump’s Speech Praises Golf Pros
326.Official PGA Tour Event Coming to Minnesota in 2019 Sponsored by 3M
327.Ping Reveals Men’s SS18 Performance Apparel Collection
328.Top 5 Tips on Best Swing Tempo
329.Top 4 Tips on Best Use of Eyes in Golf
330.Golf is a Target Game … and Centers are a New Altern
331.Why The Short Game is Extremely Influential to Your Score
332.A Brief History of Recent U.S. Opens
333.Walking the Course How It Affects Your Game
334.Best Long-Term View For Lower Back Care
335.What You Can Do For the Future of Golf
336.USA Golf Looking to the Future
337.Competing Against Others – and Yourself
338.The Relevance of Par Changing Conditions
339.Golf Is A Game Of Patience
340.Fitness for the Purpose of Playing Better
341.The Importance of 2019 Golf Rule Changes
342.Set These 3 New Golf Goals – How and Why
343.3 Good Reasons to Love Golf
344.4 Tips for the Perfect Golf Vacation
345.Pay Attention to 3 Course Conditions
346.Golf A Chance to Be Competitive
347.Exploring New Courses
348.Short Game Concerns Hitting Turf First
349.Hitting More Greens Top 3 Tips
350.Some Of The Best Techniques and Strategies To Stop a Golf Slump
351.How Best To Be Avoiding Golf News Media Overload
352.Golf News Has A Variety of Channels
353.Automate Your Golf News World
354.When to Use Your Hybrids on the Course Part 4
355.Picking Out Your First Hybrid Golf Club Part 2
356.Hybrid Golf Clubs Have Taken the Game by Storm Part 1
357.How to Hit a Hybrid Part 3
358.Can You Make a Full Set from Hybrids? Part 5
359.Dustin Johnson
360.Top 5 FedEx Cup Winners
361.Top 10 Swing Tips Ever!
362.The Mechanics of the Golf Shoulder Turn
363.Flexibility Plays an Important Role with Shoulder Turn
364.Evaluating Your Current Shoulder Turn
365.Easy Ways to Spot Trouble with Your Shoulder Turn
366.Golf Advice Playing Conditions Best 1-10
367.The Golf Swing Best 1-10 Tips
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369.Golf Questions Best 31-40
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374.Golf Services Top 8
375.U.S.A. Top 5 Tips On Golf In The United States of America
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379.Play Better Golf by Watching the Pros Top 6 Ever!
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383.Top 10 Mental Tip Videos
384.Top 10 Slice Tip Videos
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386.Top 5 Tips on Grip Pressure
387.Top 3 Golf Tips on Wrist Hinge
388.Sergio Garcia Comes Full Circle at the Byron Nelson Classic
389.Andy North: Two-Time U.S. Open Champion/ESPN Analyst
390.Explaining America’s Drought at the Ryder Cup
391.Golf Returns to the Summer Games
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393.Golf Calendar: No Rest for the Weary
394.Weather Proof Your Golf Game
395.What will the return of golf to the Olympics look like?
396.When will the Tiger prowl again?
397.History of the U.S. Open
398.Are you tournament ready?
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412.“The Collapse” Turns 20
413.Lydia Ko Claims Second Major in a Row with ANA Inspiration Victory
414.Finau Captures First PGA Tour Win at Puerto Rico Open
415.PGA Tour March Recap
416.LPGA Tour March Recap
417.Mind Games
418.30th Anniversary of Nicklaus’ Win for the Ages (Parts I & II)
419.PGA Discontinues “Grand Slam of Golf” Event
420.Time Marches On
421.Anchoring Ban Impacting Some Players More than Others
422.Moneygolf (Part 2)
423.Moneygolf (Part 1)
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430.PGA Tour February Recap
431.Major Confusion: The LPGA’s Tangled Web
432.LPGA January/February Recap, Rolex World Rankings & US Solheim Cu
433.Mickelson, Middle Age & the March for More Majors
434.Musical Chairs: On-course reporters and golf analysts change seats
435.Batting Injuries, Chasing Legends: Tiger Woods Turns 40
436.The Temptation and Tribulation of Drivable Par 4s
437.Blue Monster Preview
438.January PGA Round-up
439.The History of Q-School: Earning and Keeping a PGA Tour card
440.Calling Samuel Ryder: How is the US planning to beat Europe at Hazelt
441.2016’s Major Championship Venues
442.Seoul Sisters: The Dominance of South Korean Women’s Golf
443.2016 Masters Preview (Part 2)
444.2016 Masters Preview (Part 1)