FootJoy FJ HydroLite Golf Shoe Review

    FootJoy’s HydroLite are the definition of the ultimate all rounder golf shoes, being relatively cheap yet high quality and pretty much at home on any golf course, in any weather conditions.

    With a price tag of just $105, these babies are very light and waterproof, featuring a high quality grain leather upper and they’re available both spikeless and cleated. To sum it up, they’re the best of both worlds, offering high stability and comfort in style for everybody, all these qualities at a very affordable price.

    HydroLite means two things: Hydro-> water, Lite->light. Hence, the philosophy behind these golf shoes is to create a waterproof, lightweight, comfortable and yet stable pair of golf shoes with a low profile design. FootJoy used state of the art technology and a choice of high quality materials in building the HydroLite for providing you with turf gripping power while the shoe remains very flexible. And guess what: FootJoy acquired their goal with flying colors.
    HydroLite features a modern and sporty design, combining the leather upper with the low profile, stable and flexible outsole.

    Versatility is the name of the game thus the HydroLite golf shoes are available in two versions: the traditional spiked option, laced, featuring FootJoy’s performance insert system (cleats) and the SL, which is spikeless, the latter variety being the ideal choice for “casual” golf players, meaning that the SL can be worn in any situation, on and off the course.

    The performance insert system is designed to reduce height, hence to bring you closer to the ground. That means more feedback for you and it leads to a more consistent swing.

    FootJoy’s HydroLite golf shoes are available in white/brown/green, black/black/red, white/white/orange and white/black/blue. If you’re on the prowl for an all rounder golf shoe at a very affordable price, FootJoy’s HydroLite offers the best bang for the buck.