The Puma TITANTOUR IGNITE retail for $160 (MSRP) and they're arguably some of the best golf shoes you can lay your hands on nowadays. The Puma TITANTOUR IGNITE took the last gen TITANTOUR and boosted it to the next level, igniting a true revolution in the golf industry. After taking these babies for a walk on the golf course, I found them to be almost perfect, as far as golf shoes go. Needless to say, regardless of what type of golf shoes you're using, whether spiked or spikeless, they're totally worthless if they're not comfortable when you're wearing them for extended periods of time. There's always a balance to attend, making sure that you're choosing a golf shoe that's breathable, lightweight, soft, waterproof, stable, firm, some may even say that choosing the best there is is a quasi impossible task.

    But not anymore, because here comes the Puma TITANTOUR IGNITE, which gets very close to perfection. The level of comfort these shoes offer is incredible, and it's due to 3 factors or technologies incorporated into their built: the PWRFrame, the Ignite foam and the outsole. The Ignite technology assures that the Puma TITANTOUR IGNITE is solid and responsive, while providing excellent cushioning, while the PWRFrame contributes decisively to the shoe's stability. Last but not least, the outsole is cleverly designed for providing you with amazing grip and traction, round after round, in any weather condition and on any type of turf. The insole is built with space age technology, storing, absorbing and releasing the heat from inside the shoe for optimizing the foot temperature, thus maintaining maximum comfort. Bottom line, the Puma TITANTOUR IGNITE are supremely comfy, allowing your feet to make natural movements, and they make for Puma's best golf shoe ever made; if you're looking for nothing short of amazing for improving your golf experience, well, these babies are a match made in heaven for any type of golfer, regardless his skill level.