Golf club Reviews

How do you judge and test a golf club’s merits? In this section we will provide a list of golf club reviews.

Some test criteria are highly subjective. One golfer may prefer a traditional look and feel, while another favors a bold, high-tech appearance that stands out from the crowd.

Other important factors vary with the player’s abilities. For example, a driver that’s designed for low handicappers might deliver superior distance when struck on the sweet spot. But less-skilled golfers may find that it’s not very forgiving on off-center hits.

Generally speaking, a golfer who tests many different clubs of a specific type – five separate drivers, for instance – will find noticeable performance variations between them. (This is true even if the clubs are built to identical or similar specs such as loft, shaft flex and length.) One club might produce a high ball flight while another generates a low trajectory. You may hear a pleasing click with Driver A vs. a more metallic sound from Driver B.

In our Golf Club Reviews Tester series, reviewers break down various models made by this website’s sponsor, Thomas Golf. The tests cover key factors such as distance, accuracy, trajectory, look, feel, sound and overall performance. As they say, “your mileage may vary” when using the same clubs, but we aim to provide an objective assessment of each product’s qualities.

Thomas Golf Customer Equipment Reviews

1.1 Hybrid Golf Club, 16 Degree Loft Thomas Golf AT 705
2.11 Wood, 27 Degree Loft Thomas Golf Fairway Woods
3.13 Wood, 30 Degree Loft Thomas Golf Fairway Woods
4.15 Wood, 34 Degree Loft Thomas Golf Fairway Woods
5.17 Wood, 38 Degree Loft Thomas Golf Fairway Wood
6.19 Wood, 42 Degree Loft Thomas Golf Fairway Woods
7.2 Hybrid Golf Club, 18 Degree Loft Thomas Golf AT 705
8.2 Wood, Driver 12 Degree Loft Model AT 190
9.2 Wood, Driver 12 Degree Loft Thomas Golf Fairway
10.3 Wood, 15 Degree Strong Loft Thomas Golf Fairway Woods
11.4 Hybrid Golf Club, 24 Degree Loft Thomas Golf AT 705
12.4 Wood (16 Degree Loft) Fairway Woods by Thomas Golf
13.5 Hybrid Golf Club, 27 Degree Loft Thomas Golf AT 705
14.5 Wood, 18 Degree Loft Thomas Golf Fairway Woods
15.6 Hybrid Golf Club, 30 Degree Loft Thomas Golf AT 705
16.7 Hybrid Golf Club, 34 Degree Loft Thomas Golf AT705
17.7 Wood, 21 Degree Loft Thomas Golf Fairway Woods
18.8 Hybrid Golf Club, 38 Degree Loft Thomas Golf AT 705
19.9 Hybrid Golf Club, 42 Degree Loft Thomas Golf AT 705
20.9 Wood, 24 Degree Loft Thomas Golf Fairway Woods
21.AT510 Hollow MOI Irons by Thomas Golf
22.AT72 Thomas Golf Unique Mallet Alignment Putter
23.AT91 Thomas Golf High MOI Center Shafted Putter
24.Golf Club Review: AT 505 Irons by Thomas Golf
25.How to Improve Your Club Head Speed : AT460 TS 1 Wood
26.Square Root Your Game With Thomas Golf Mini AT725 Square Hybrid Drivers
27.The Doctors Cure to a Slice? Thomas Golf’s AT460 TO Driver!
28.Thomas Golf AT 40 CNC Blade Putter
29.Thomas Golf AT 705 All Numbers Hybrid Golf Club Set
30.Thomas Golf AT 725 All Numbers Hybrid Golf Club Set
31.Thomas Golf AT 725 Hybrid Chipper Test:
32.Thomas Golf AT12 Putter: Extra Heft Won’t Weigh Down Your Stroke
33.Thomas Golf AT40 Putter: Smooth as Fine Champagne
34.Thomas Golf AT460 TO Offset Drivers: Offset Hosel Offers Slice Shot Relief
35.Thomas Golf AT460 TS Driver: A Lightweight Powerhouse
36.Thomas Golf AT505 Irons with Top Line Alignment
37.Thomas Golf AT505 Irons: Major League in Every Way
38.Thomas Golf AT505 Irons: The Iron That Corrects Your Miss-Hits
39.Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrid Driver: Your New Secret MiniDriver Weapon?
40.Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrid Lob Wedge (LW) 60 Degree Loft
41.Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrid: How to Have Fun Playing Golf Again
42.Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrids: Up and Away
43.Thomas Golf AT705 Mini Hybrid Driver Review
44.Thomas Golf AT705 Number 3 Hybrid Club 21 Degree Loft
45.Thomas Golf AT705 Number GW Hybrid Golf Club 50 Degree Loft
46.Thomas Golf AT705 Number PW Hybrid Golf Club 46 Degree Loft
47.Thomas Golf AT705 SW Hybrid Golf Club 55 Degree Loft Sand Wedge
48.Thomas Golf AT708 Hybrid Putter – The Flawless Putter
49.Thomas Golf AT725 Hybrid: Create Strength in Your Golf Approach
50.Thomas Golf AT725 Square Hybrid Driver: Built for Control-MiniDriver
51.Thomas Golf AT725 Square Hybrid Mini Driver Review
52.Thomas Golf AT725 Square Hybrids: Unusual Shape, Sweet Results
53.Thomas Golf AT91 Putter: Versatile Mallet a Solid Center Shafted Performer
54.Thomas Golf AT92 Center Shafted Blade Putter
55.Thomas Golf AT92 Putter: Pendulum with a Pop
56.Thomas Golf Fairway Woods with Shot Aiming Technology
57.Thomas Golf Fairway Woods: Build Confidence In Your Fairway Play
58.Thomas Golf Fairway Woods: Stylish in Stainless Steel
59.Thomas Golf Heaver from Standard Blade Putter
60.Thomas Golf Hybrid Chippers with Snag Free Sole
61.Thomas Golf Hybrid Golf Clubs
62.Thomas Golf Irons With Patent Alignment Indicator
63.Thomas Golf Offers Drivers With Advanced Shot Alignment For Straighter and More Consistent
64.Thomas Golf Putters with Alignment Focus
65.Thomas Golf Snag-Free AT708 Hybrid Putter