Golf Exercises

If you've ever tried to hit a golf ball or play a round of golf without warming up first then you know the frustrations and problems that can arise from this lack of Golf Exercises and preparation. Although golf is not an extremely active sport, it does still involve an athletic motion using an array of muscles and joints that don’t tend to perform their best when taken out of their state of inactivity. If you've ever played a round of golf without warming up first then you probably remember that it took you a few swings and holes to feel like you were able to get anything going.

People are living increasingly inactive lives so it makes sense that our bodies need some Golf Exercises and conditioning to help prepare us for physical activity. One common goal for just about any player you'll encounter is the desire to hit the golf ball as far as possible. To reach your full potential in distance requires a lot of flexibility. The golf swing relies heavily on the torque you create in the winding and unwinding of your upper body against your lower body. Not warming up these essential areas of the body is going to make a full shoulder turn very difficult and can potentially leave you prone to injuries. As we get older, our flexibility declines slowly but with proper stretching and exercising, we are able to get the most out of our capabilities.

Since the body doesn't go directly from its sedentary state to one in which it’s ready for physical activity, it's important to stretch and warm up gradually. This process is to get the blood flowing more actively throughout the body so that it can perform effectively.

In this video section you will find some helpful golf exercises and tips on how to stretch and prepare your body for success on the golf course. A proper warm up doesn't take a lot of time so if you take this game seriously and want to consistently play your best then don't skip this important step.
About Golf Exercises
Over the last 15 or 20 years, golf has undergone a fitness revolution. Once thought to be a game that could be played by anyone in any physical conditions, serious golfers have more and more turned to fitness as a method of improving performance. Besides the obvious benefit of getting fit for your day to day life, improved fitness can help your golf game in a number of ways. Those improvements include higher swing speeds, better balance, increased strength through the hitting area, and more. If you are serious about becoming the best golfer you can be, getting in shape should be high on your list.
Working on your fitness specifically to play better golf is something that you need to do carefully, with plenty of planning. Not all exercise is beneficial to golf, so keep your long-term goals in mind when designing a workout regime that will lead you where you want to go. Of course, you should always check with your doctor before taking on a new workout routine, and find help from a professional trainer if you are unsure how to complete certain exercises.
Following are a few key points to keep in mind when aiming to improve your overall golf fitness.
• Bulk is not helpful. Simply adding sheer size to your muscles is not likely to benefit your golf game. While it helps to be strong, muscles that are too big can get in the way of proper swing mechanics. It is important to strike a healthy balance between muscle mass and body shape to ensure that you don’t place limitations on your golf swing based on your size.
• Flexibility is king. If there is one single part of your fitness that is most important to golf, it is flexibility. Golf is a rotational game, and great flexibility is required to maximize your rotation – and your club head speed. Take your lead from the golfers you see competing on the PGA Tour. Instead of having bulky muscles, the top pros and lean and flexible. Many of them are in tremendous shape, but they have focused on building a slender physique rather than adding weight to their frame.
• Quick, sudden movement. Golf requires the player to make quick, sudden movements in the swing. As you are training, keep that in mind, and tailor your workouts to that demand. The ability to slowly push a large amount of weight, for example, is not something likely to benefit you on the golf course.
Pursuing a higher level of personal fitness in order to improve your golf game is certainly something worth your time and effort. While you are focused on making your game better, you will simultaneously be doing something that is good for your life as a whole. Before getting started, make a list of your fitness goals and make sure they are in line with your goals on the golf course. Train in a golf-specific manner, and the results should quickly show themselves.


1. Seated Over Shoulder Club Rotation Video
2. Seated Club Over Head Shoulder Stretch Video
3. Side Stretches Video
4. Straight Arm Shoulder Stretch Video
5. Toe Touches Video
6. Crucifix Chest Fix Video
7. Pec Stretch Video
8. Arms Behind Back Chest Stretch Video
9. Hip Rotations Video
10. Club Over Shoulder Rotation Video
11. Club Over Shoulder Tilted Rotation Video
12. Two Clubs To Aid Strength Video
13. Upside Down To Aid Speed Video
14. Wind The Club Up Wrist Strengthen Video
15. Vertical Club Waggle Video
16. Resistance Band Weighted Sit Ups For Golf Core Power Video
17. Resistance Band Standing Calf Raises For Base Swing Power Video
18. Resistance Band Squats For Explosive Golf Impact Video
19. Resistance Band Back Flies For Swing Stability Video
20. Resistance Band Seated Row For Back Strength Video
21. Resistance Band Shoulder Raises For Deltoid Power Video
22. Resistance Band Front Row For Shoulder Strength Video
23. Resistance Band Shoulder Press For Golf Strength Video
24. Resistance Band TriCep Pushes For Golf Impact Power Video
25. Resistance Band Bicep Curls For Swing Ripping Power Video
26. Resistance Band FliCross Over For Golf Body Balance Video
27. Golf Neck Stretch Video
28. Golf Shoulder Stretch Video
29. Golf Shoulder Stretch With Towel Video
30. Knee To Chest Golf Stretch Video
31. Iliotibal Band Golf Stretch Video
32. Golf Hip Flexor Stretch Video
33. Golf Quad Stretch Video
34. Golf Calf Stretch Video
35. Golf Hamstring Stretch Video
36. Golf Groin Stretch Video
37. Golf Weight Shift Balance Video
38. Leg Extension Golf Balance Exercise Video
39. Golf Bicep Balance Exercise Video
40. Golf Shoulder Press Balance Exercise Video
41. One Leg Shoulder Raise For Golf Balance Video
42. PreRound Golf Quad Stretch Video
43. PreRound Back Stretch Video
44. PreRound Hamstring Stretch Video
45. PreRound Hip Stretch Video
46. PreRound Hip and Back Stretch Video
47. PreRound Kneeling Hip Stretch Video
48. PreRound Forearm Stretches Video
49. Pre-Round Golf Swing Shoulder Stretch Video
50. Pre-Round Core Muscle Stretch Video
51. Rock and Roll Golf Power Move Video
52. Lunge With Overhead Press Power Golf Move Video
53. Golf Lunge With Rotation Twist Video
54. Squat Press And Throw Golf Power Move Video
55. Reverse Swing Power Throw Golf Power Move Video
56. Single Leg Squat For Golf Stability Video
57. Reaching Romanian Deadlift Golf Strength Video
58. Single Leg Hip Bridge Hip Turn Power Video
59. Step Jump For Lower Half Power Video
60. Circle Squat For Rotation Power Video
61. Rolling Push Up For Chest Swing Power Video
62. Medicine Ball For Push Up Strength Video
63. Weighted Superman For Core Strength Video
64. Lying Chest Throw For Explosive Golf Power Video
65. Wall Pass For Golf Rotation Smash Video
66. Shoulder Press For Pump Golf Energy Video
67. Triceps Extension For Swing Speed Video
68. Bicep Curl For Impact Power Video
69. VUp For Core Stability And Swing Strength Video
70. Overhead Slam For Smashing The Ball Video
71. Crunch Overhead Hold For Ab Power Video
72. Straight Leg Sit Up For Swing Stability Video
73. Hay Bailer Move For Golf Rotation Power Video
74. Side Lift For Hip Power Video
75. Bridge For Golf Core Strength Video
76. Ab Raise For Core Strength Video
77. Planked Leg Raise For Core Stability Video
78. Classic Plank and Hold For Core Strength Video
79. Throw and Bounce For Power Movements Video
80. Side Squat For Swing Speed Video
81. Russian Twists For Rotational Power Video
82. Single Leg Core Twists For Hip Strength Video
83. Lying Rotations For Core Flexibility and Strength Video
84. Single Leg, Single Arm Deadlift For Balance And Power During The Swing Video
85. Dogs and Cats For Swing Speed Video
86. Dumbbell Raises With Exercise Ball Video
87. T Hip Rotations To Get The Hips Strong Video
88. Backward Lunge With Tilt For Movement And Strength Video
89. Drop Step Lunge For Explosion Of Power Video
90. Lateral Squat For Side Power During The Swing Video
91. Knee Hugs Golf Strikes Video
92. Inverted Hamstring Stretch For Swing Flexibility Video
93. Hip Crossovers For Turn Power Video
94. The Worlds Greatest Golf Stretch Video
95. Quad Rocking For Golf Swing Stability Video
96. Reverse Quad Stretch For Lower Half Flex Video
97. Grabbed Toe Hamstring Stretch For Golf Base Flexibility Video
98. Reach Down Calf Stretch For Lower Half Spring Video
99. Hip Raise And Turn For Hip and Groin Stretch Video
100. Ankle Rotations For Solid Golf Base Video
101. Lower Back Raise For Lower Back Flexibility Video
102. Downward Dog Stretch For Shoulders and Upper Body Video
103. Downward Dog To Sun Salutation Side Stretch And Shoulder Stretch Video
104. Semi Splits Position For Hips and Groin Video
105. Half Split for Groin and Hip Rotation Video
106. Back Leg Raise For Glute and Leg Flexibility and Power Video
107. Back Leg Raise With Side Split For Hip Rotation and Power Video
108. Kneeling Body Twists For Core Flexibility Video
109. Standing Twists For Core Flexibility Video
110. Bar Rotation Twists For Core Flexibility Video
111. Staff Push Down For Back and Shoulders Video
112. Staff Swing For Golf Power Video
113. One Armed Staff Swings For Golf Power Video
114. Overhead Staff Raises For Chest Flexibility Video
115. Side Staff Leans For Chest Flexibility Video