Adidas PURE 360 GRIPMORE SPORT Golf Shoe Review

    Adidas PURE 360 GRIPMORE SPORT (now on sale on are using a highly innovative technology used by the German company, namely the GRIPMORE thingy, which is actually revolutionary.

    Why is that, you may ask? Well, the athletically inspired PURE 360 GRIPMORE SPORT are built using the best of two worlds, as they combine the benefits of spiked and spikeless golf shoes in something that can be described as pure genius.

    The sole technology used by Adidas is way more durable than other spikeless soles used by various manufacturers and it has the comfort and versatility necessary for a long day at the golf course along with the huge grip and traction offered by spiked golf shoes on any type of terrain.
    Adidas PURE 360 GRIPMORE SPORT features an unique sole technology which consists of specially designed cleats, which are injected straight inside the light mesh matting, as opposed to regular cleats that need to be screwed into the sole.

    The aforementioned technology is used on various models of Adidas golf shoes, but in this particular one, the sole comes with 24 cleats strategically placed for offering you 162 contact points with the ground. Awesome job from Adidas, I must give them that.

    Unlike many other models of spikeless shoes with non-replaceable rubber soles, the PURE 360 GRIPMORE SPORT doesn’t have that tendency of wearing quick and losing traction. That’s due to a proprietary material used by the company on the Gripmore sole which is way more durable than regular rubber.
    In terms of design, the PURE 360 GRIPMORE SPORT golf shoe offers you a premium and modern look, with sporty accents.

    The synthetic upper is waterproof and it’s using a mesh featuring Climaproof technology for increased breathability, along with the already proven 360Wrap chassis that helps you to stay stable and connected to the golf course during swings.

    Adidas offers the PURE 360 GRIPMORE SPORT golf shoes in five colorways to suit every taste, at a price tag of just $99,99.