FootJoy Tour-S/Tour-S Boa Men's Golf Shoes Review
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The FootJoy Tour-S/Tour-S Boa Men's Golf Shoes retail for $249.99 and $279.99 (MSRP) respectively, and they were created with input from the company’s vast network of Tour players for delivering the ultimate in terms of styling and platform stability. The Tour-S are currently the company's most stable golf shoes to date, yet they're also incredibly comfortable and light. It goes without saying that FootJoy, as the number one shoe in golf, created the Tour -S after paying close attention to Tour players' suggestions about how to improve their product, and the vast majority of them identified the ideal golf shoe to be first and foremost stable. In terms of looks, these babies are clearly inspired from the Pro SL, and you could actually describe them as an improved version of the Pro SL, featuring more bells and whistles so to speak. Basically, the Tour-S are aimed at golfers who enjoy a more sporty-trainer feel and look in a super stable golf shoe. What makes these shoes unique and amazingly stable is FootJoy's patented technology, most of it found in the outsole of the Tour-S/Tour-S Boa, because the outsole is the place where “action happens”, i.e. where the golfer interacts the most with the ground.

The sole of both the Tour-S and the Tour-S Boa is built using durable and lightweight materials, including state of the art carbon fiber which runs through the middle of the shoe, and works wonders in terms of stability, while keeping it everything on the light-side. The spikes arefurther apart in the sole, thus creating a more stable and wider base, and they're housed in separate pods. The power plate of the sole is what gives the Tour-S and the Tour-S Boa their tremendous stability, as it's made from a proprietary material called Pebax, which is incredibly durable and lightweight, and works in tandem with the carbon fiber section in the middle, to improve stability. The main difference between the regular Tour-S and the Boa version is the unique heel mounted fit solution available in the latter, which integrates the proprietary Boa dial into the heel, in order to provide a more stable fit. If you’re looking for top notch golf shoes which feel great, are incredibly comfortable, stable and also nicely designed, the FootJoy Tour-S and the Tour-S Boa should rank high on your priority list.