Callaway Del Mar Sport Golf Shoe Review
    © Callaway Golf

    The Callaway Del Mar Sport retails for $99.99 a pair and it’s basically the updated version of an already popular (even best-selling) golf shoe, which makes it a great contender in the “best bang for the buck” niche.

    Featuring a somewhat casual design, the Del Mar Sport doesn’t compromise a bit in terms of performance and especially comfort, being that kind of golf shoe that feels custom made for you right out of the box. Since it doesn’t require a break-in period and comes at a very affordable price, I can recommend it for any golf player that doesn’t need a high performance golf shoe but wants something different from a casual pair of running shoes/sneakers while kicking it on the turf.

    The upper is made using a very soft, high quality and waterproof leather that will provide you with enough comfort, durability, flexibility and traction even if you’re the “demanding” type of person. Any playing conditions, any weather and any kind of turf will be confronted with flying colors, all day long if you’ll choose the Callaway Del Mar Sport. Even if you’re from Scotland, thanks to Callaway’s proprietary technology, namely the DrySport moisture management, your feet will stay dry and cozy even after a full day of golfing. But rest assured, these shoes are waterproof (2 years warranty) and yet they offer enough breathability and room for your feet, a trademark of Callaway’s state of the art engineering and premium materials used in their building process. The insoles feature the Ortholite comfort foam technology which provides you with great cushioning comfort, keeps foul odors away, they’re light and easily washable, also they wick away moisture like no other in the industry.

    The traction is provided by Xfer Tractional rubber/molded elements on the outsole while the EVA midsole is built for comfort and tactile feedback. Bottom line, the Callaway Del Mar Sport are highly recommended for casual/budget oriented golf players.