Puma Titantour Golf Shoe Review

    With Titantour, Puma managed to create the ultimate golf shoe, and if you think I am exaggerating, just take into account the fact that some of the technologies used by the German sneaker creator into their build are actually space age stuff! And by space age I mean literally: the Outlast Certified Space Technology is used by NASA into the astronaut’s space suits and by Puma for their Titantour golf shoes, and that’s awesome in my book! Basically, this revolutionary space age technology is aimed to maintaining a comfortable heat level inside of the shoes (and in the spacesuits of course!) by placing the Outlast inside the sock liner of the Puma Titantour, with the end result being a pro-active heat control management which also prevents the moisture from building up inside. This state of the art material really absorbs, stores and releases the heat for keeping your feet at an optimum temperature, regardless of the weather conditions.

    Along with this innovative space age material, Puma incorporated another proprietary technology, namely the PowerFrame into the Titantours, which makes the shoe incredibly light, strong, flexible and grippy. The PowerFrame works in tandem with the TPU heel support for adding stability, comfort and perfect fit for your feet during your swings. The outsole was designed for optimum amounts of traction and grip in any weather conditions thanks to the low profile (stealth) cleats which are built from K5(a special material), providing you with long lasting durability to wear and tear. These K5 cleats are supplemented by secondary traction elements on the outsole, for keeping your feet firmly anchored to the ground at all times. The comfort in the Puma Titantours is exceptional thanks to the memory foam cushioning in the insole which makes you feel that these shoes were custom-built for you. The Puma Titantours are available in 7 colorways for a price tag of $220/pair and if you’re a perfectionist seeking for the best, well, these are it!