Footjoy FreeStyle Golf Shoe Review

    The Footjoy FreeStyle are a funky looking pair of golf shoes which retail for $159,99 (MSRP). The appearance of these shoes will certainly raise many eyebrows, die tp their colorful design and color-scheme, which puts together orange, blue and lime colors. Indeed, the Footjoy FreeStyle will definitely stand out from the crowd, but some say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So, looks aside, the Footjoy FreeStyle were engineered and built with a clear purpose in mind: to offer a complete range of movement on the golf course, promoting comfort, stability and traction on all types of terrains.

    Their athletic profile and snug feel combined with their young and fresh look will probably not appeal very much to traditional golf players, but the performance levels…well, that's another story. The Footjoy FreeStyle are inspired (in terms of gripping power) by the red eyed tree frog and as soon as you put them at work, i.e. you place your feet inside these shoes, you'll be amazed by the comfort levels and the soft feel they provide. The cushioning is perfect, thanks to the InnerSok Fit/Bootie System, Footjoy's proprietary technologies, which work in tandem with the TongueLok and HeelLok, allowing your feet to slip without the slightest effort into the shoes. The midsole is built using the brand new FTF 3.0 compound which provides supreme cushioning, especially if you play for extended periods of time. The Footjoy FreeStyle also deliver supreme flexibility, from heel to toe during your swings. Last but not least, let's mention the Tour Locksystem, the SoftSpikes and the latest Pulsar cleats, as they generate all the traction in the world, and they're your closest allies when it comes to full-throttle swings! These spikes are really soft, as their name suggests, and you'll never lose your balance or slip, regardless of what you're doing on the turf. Bottom line, the Footjoy FreeStyle are snug, sleek, stable and soft, perfectly suited to all swings, and if you're seeking for premium golf shoes with tons of comfort, stability and an athletic style, you've just met your soul-mate!