ECCO BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe Review

    The ECCO BIOM Hybrid shoes are among the best hybrid/golf street shoes I’ve ever tested in my life, and you can take that to the bank. Retailing for $190/pair, these sporty looking shoe are built using ECCO’s Natural Motion technology. What’s that, you asked? Well, basically it’s a concept, a philosophy if you like, which states that the perfect golf shoe must support/enable the “natural” motion of the human body in order to transfer momentum and absorb impact while playing your favorite game. And trust me, ECCO really did it with the BIOM Hybrid. The upper’s top half is built using high quality/breathable Yak leather that is 3 times more durable than other types of leather, yet despite its great strength it’s very pleasant/soft to the touch.

    If that’s not enough for you, well, ECCO used their proprietary HydroMax technology, to augment further the leather upper, and the end result is a golf shoe that offers impeccable water and weather protection. You can wear these babies anytime, anywhere, in any type of climate/weather conditions; they’ll never let you down. ECCO used a special design for the mid-arch support structure that mimics the foot’s skeleton, thus creating a shoe that offers unparalleled levels of comfort and top notch performance. If you were worried about the spikeless design of these babies affecting your gameplay, you must know that the outsole of the BIOM Hybrid uses over one hundred molded traction bars, which replace the traditional spikes/cleats thus providing you with more surface traction area, due to their over eight hundred traction angles. The traction lugs/bars are made using a very tough compound, named TPU, which is 5 times more durable than rubber. In terms of design, the BIOM Hybrid can be described as sharp looking, even classy and they’ll definitely turn a few heads on the golf course or wherever you choose to wear them. If you’re on the prowl for a good looking, solid and versatile pair of golf shoes, the BIOM Hybrid are highly recommended.