Adidas ASYM ENERGY BOOST Golf Shoe Review

    With their latest ASYM ENERGY BOOST, the well known German sports equipment manufacturer revolutionized the way we play our favorite game, as they created the world’s first asymmetrical golf shoes. If you wonder what’s so special about these golf shoes, well, I’ll shoot you straight: a lot!

    Adidas being Adidas, i.e. an innovative company, decided to follow nature’s way and to build a golf shoes that molds perfectly on our inherent imperfections. I mean, when you’re swinging, your right foot behaves differently from your left foot, hence adidas decided to build each shoe (left/right) with a different spike pattern, thus helping the weight transfer during your swing for a better efficiency. If you’re already impressed with the ASYM energy boost, well, you have all the reasons for that, and wait, there’s more! Adidas used advanced bio-mechanics for achieving their goal, which is to create the perfect golf shoe. Along with the innovative asymmetrical spike pattern, you’ll benefit from a state of the art lace locking system which provides you with a more secure/consistent fit and a molded tongue made from EVA, adding to the already outstanding comfort.

    For enhancing lateral stability, Adidas added an external heel counter while the midsole features a foam layer for improved cushioning. The outsole is made from TPU and it’s improved with Adidas’s proprietary gripmore technology: traction elements placed in optimal locations for providing you with increased in-swing stability during the game. The Adidas ASYM ENERGY BOOST golf shoes have a price tag of $300 and they’re available in two colorways: White/Core Black/Night Flash and Black/Dark Silver/Bold Orange.