Golf Coach

In the first half of the 20th century, golf’s tour pros often pulled double duty as golf coach club professionals, giving lessons when they weren’t on the road competing. There simply wasn’t enough prize money to make a living playing in tournaments.

These days, the top golf coach teachers actually earn more than some of their touring counterparts.

Instructors like Butch Harmon and Dave Pelz are household names among avid golfers. Nearly every tour pro enlists the aid of a coaching teacher, the best of whom have stables of pros under their watch. Celebrity teachers, much like famous chefs, make regular TV appearances, author best-selling books and endorse a wide range of products.

Some, like Harmon, were born into celebrated golf coach families. Others took more unusual paths; Pelz, for example, started out as a NASA scientist.

Whatever their differences, golf’s acclaimed teachers share this trait: a deep passion for the game. This series puts their philosophies, their methods and their compelling personal stories in the spotlight.

Pay attention, class — you just might learn something to improve your game.