ECCO Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoe Review

    The ECCO Tour Hybrid Wingtip are retailing for $200 a pair and the main thing about them is that they are a nice blend of a traditional wingtip design with state of the art Hybrid technology. Since the Hybrid Wingtip boast a spikeless outsole, you can bet that you’ll enjoy wearing them all day long, both on and off the golf course(they look awesome by the way in a pub or at a cocktail party, regardless) due to the exceptional levels of comfort they offer.

    Also their design resembles more a street shoe-style than a traditional golf shoe, so you’ll be able to turn heads while wearing them and in the same time you can play 18 holes or more, without feeling the slightest discomfort. They are that good folks, yes!

    The Hybrid technology incorporated in the ECCO Tour Hybrid Wingtip means that despite their spikeless design, you’ll be locked to the ground while wearing them, due to the incredible amounts of traction, stability and feedback (without sacrificing comfort in the process) they offer during your swings.

    The upper of the Hybrid Wingtip is made from high quality-rich leather, benefiting from ECCO’s proprietary HydroMax technology/leather treatment; there’s also a second skin with a full leather lining which offers breathability and long lasting durability and last but not least, you’ll enjoy the leather covered inlay sole which is anatomically shaped to hug your feet, thanks to ECCO’s Comfort Fiber System.

    In the traction department, these babies feature the legendary E-DTS Hybrid Technology outsole, which provides you with excellent grip on any kind of turf, due to its 800 traction angles. Being a spikeless golf shoe, the ECCO Tour Hybrid Wingtip requires almost no maintenance and that’s one of the reasons I’m a huge fan of spikeless designs. Also, these are some of the most comfortable shoes I ever tried on the golf course and people will rarely notice they’re actually golf shoes, basically you can wear them anywhere; all these attributes make for the Hybrid Wingtip a winner in my book.

    ECCO really made it with their latest Tour Hybrid Wingtip, I mean they managed to create a piece of footwear that can be described as the best of both worlds. By both worlds I mean that these shoe are featuring a stylish, high-end design while they will perform admirably on the golf turf. And if you’ll wear them at a cocktail party, right after you’ve finished your golf game, no one will notice that you’re coming directly from the turf, and that’s pretty cool. The classic wingtip/saddle design is usually reserved for spiked golf shoe, which are very uncomfortable outside the “field of battle”. The Hybrid Wingtip is combining (with flying colors) one of the best golf shoe design by ECCO, a classic style, with street soles. If you put these two together, the end result is a classic looking golf shoe that performs admirably on the turf, hence “the best of both world” thing. Ok, you’ll have to pay a bit for these babies, about $200/pair, but you’ll receive a lot of “shoes” for the money. Really, the hefty price tag is a guarantee that you’ll receive a classy looking pair of golf shoes made from the best leather available on the market. You’ll also benefit from ECCO’s proprietary technologies that will enhance your game play. For example, the high quality leather upper in the Hybrid Wingtip features the HydroMax coating, being water resistant yet offering you enough breathability for your feet in any kind of climate/weather. The fine details, like the leather lining inside of the Hybrid Wingtip makes you think about the perfect craftsmanship ECCO put into these shoes, it’s like the best or nothing! They feel luxurious, detail orientated yet very durable and built to last forever. The spikeless outsole makes these golf shoes perfect for any occasion, as they feel very comfy and casual for any type of activity (golf included). All these “additional” features are just a bonus, a “residue” of excellent design and engineering. ECCO never compromised high performance when building the Hybrid Wingtip for comfort or good looks. Wearing them on the golf course will provide you with huge amounts of grip, traction and stability during your swings, despite their spikeless design, which may come as a surprise for many. Nevertheless, ECCO did it and I must say that I love wearing these shoes both on and off the turf, why don’t you try it?