Footjoy Golf Sneaker Golf Shoe Review

    The Footjoy Golf Sneaker retails for $89.99 and it's built using premium materials, i.e. a soft full-grain leather for the upper, which provides excellent waterproof comfort in style, together with durability and breathability for your feet. The company guarantees the Footjoy Golf Sneaker to be one hundred percent waterproof for two years, in normal use conditions. Also, the Footjoy Golf Sneaker comes with a competition last, featuring a full rounded toe character, full instep, great fit across forefoot and a narrow heel. The shoes are athletically sloped, from toe to instep.

    The cushioned fit bed is light as a feather and will offer you great heel support and underfoot comfort, also it works miracles when it comes to dampening shocks while you wander around the golf course. The fit beds are built using ethyl vinyl acetate or EVA, which will last you for the entire life of the shoe. The outsole of the Footjoy Golf Sneaker is made from DuraMax, a proprietary rubber compound, and works just great in terms of durability, turf grip and performance. Also, the Footjoy Golf Sneaker comes with Pulsar cleats by Softspikes, which are absolutely outstanding in terms of turf grip, without sacrificing walking comfort. For easy cleaning and extra durability , the outsole was designed with radiused legs and cleat webbing.