Footjoy Versaluxe Golf Shoe Review

    The Footjoy Versaluxe retail for $169,99 (MSRP) and they can be described best as a young and premium looking pair of spikeless golf shoes.

    If you're considering owning the Footjoy Versaluxe, I must congratulate you for having impeccable taste. I know that excellence lies in the fine details, and these golf shoes are built using a fine selection of premium leathers and supreme workmanship (just take a closer look at the stitching folks!). Long story short, the Footjoy Versaluxe are the pinnacle of craftsmanship and quality, put together in a laid back and relaxed pair of golf shoes, which perform admirably both on and off the golf course. I know, there are many other models of spikeless golf shoes, that look admirably on the turf, but not so many that you can also wear socially off it, and here the Footjoy Versaluxe comes into play!

    However, you must keep in mind that these babies are first and foremost golf shoes, and a fashion statement second. The leather upper is guaranteed to be waterproof (1 year) and the leather wears the signature of Pittards SuppleLuxe, which means it's as good as it gets. This type of leather is very robust and it also breaks in quick, offering you great support besides its luxurious aspect.

    The sole is built using a special rubber, SoftMax respectively, and it features a grid of J and F stamped rectangles for providing great grip and traction on difficult terrain. Also, the clever grip design will not allow the shoe to pick up grass from the golf course. The Footjoy Versaluxe have a nice high-heel that really secures your ankle and boosts confidence, and the insole is removable and made using real cork, while on its bottom you'll notice a gel pad under the heel for aiding with buoyancy as you play along. Bottom line, choosing these shoes will be very rewarding from any point of view, including financially, since you won't have to buy two pairs for on and off golf course.