Nike Lunar Waverly Golf Shoe Review

    The Nike Lunar Waverly truly is a force to be reckoned with, because as you may already know, some golf shoes are better than others. The $180 price tag for a pair of spikeless golf shoe may sound a little bit steep, but you’ll get a lot of shoe for the money. Featuring a full grain leather upper (waterproof, of course) and being available in 4 different colorways, the Nike Lunar Waverly are inspired from the old-school/classic Nike sneakers but the technology and the performance they offer are top notch and very in-tune with the modern day requirements.
    This is the first pair of golf shoes made by Nike using cork in their construction, and that’s actually a great thing, because thanks to the cork in the sock liner and combined with the special Nike Lunarlon foam, the end result is a feather light and comfortable sneaker.

    The main advantage of the spikeless outsole is versatility, meaning that you can safely wear these shoes both on and off the golf course without noticing any difference. Despite lacking the traditional spikes/cleats, the Nike Lunar Waverly were designed cleverly, hence in terms of grip/performance, they will surprise you on all kinds of turf/on any type of terrain.
    The insoles made of cork play a big role when it comes to the comfort level and they also look pretty cool.

    The Nike Lunar Waverly golf shoes are highly recommended if you require a casual pair of sneakers, but you don’t want to sacrifice performance and comfort for looks alone.