Callaway Men's Swami 2.0 Golf Shoes Review
©Callaway Golf

The Callaway Swami 2.0 golf shoes retail for $139.95 (MSRP) and they're available in three colorways: Black/Red, Brown and White/Blue. As their name suggests, the Callaway Swami 2.0 make for the second-gen of the now-famous Swami, bringing you a waterproof golf shoe boasting spikeless versatility. Design wise, the Callaway Swami 2.0 look and feel like the real-deal on the golf course, despite their spikeless sole, yet they don't have to be mistaken for regular business attire, as they're pretty far from that. I mean, these babies are all about performance, while their design is aimed to match perfectly with basically anything in your golf attire, thanks to their full grain leather upper, which adds reliability to comfort and old-school looks, and their simple yet elegant color-combo.

The sole of the Callaway Swami 2.0 comes with the company's proprietary Dura-Rubber technology, which consists of multidirectional traction-control lugs, which deliver optimal grip and traction on any type of turf, prevent slipping and also allow you to dig your heels in so to speak, when looking for that perfect swing. The full grain leather upper benefits from special high-tech treatment too, and I am talking about Callaway's Opti-Repel technology, which makes it water resistant by creating a reliable barrier against nasty weather. The Callaway Swami 2.0's patented Opti-Soft EVA midsole provides excellent support for your feet's arches, thus creating a comfortable and natural walk. Last but not least, the Callaway Swami 2.0 come with welted construction, for a premium feel and look and two years waterproof warranty from the company, making for a pair of elegant and versatile golf shoes you can wear both on and off the course, i.e. anytime, anywhere.