Nike Fi Impact Golf Shoe Review

    The Nike Fi Impact golf shoe has a Nike Free inspired design and it was developed together with professional golfer Suzann Pettersen. Having a price tag of $130, the Fi Impact’s strongest selling point is the huge amount of comfort and traction due to the Free-inspired outsole, which offers great flexibility and feedback, without compromising performance.

    Talking about the outsole, its design mimic/conforms to the foot’s natural movement using advanced bio-physics and the end result is a true athletic motion and great flexibility, providing you with excellent ground-contact and better control of the energy of the shoe to the foot/the shoe to the ground. Basically, the name of the game is total control during your swings, along with great feedback and Nike really nailed it with the Fi Impact. These golf shoes will embrace your feet like a glove, thanks to Nike’s Dynamic Fit system that offers a glove like “embrace” if you like. The great lockdown of the shoe is due to the “fingers” which integrate with the lacing system, wrapping under the arch and providing you with excellent support and stability during your game. These shoes feature a low profile outsole design which offers great traction and stability for maximizing comfort and feedback. Basically, with the Fi Impact you’ll benefit from a super-comfy golf shoe with surprising traction on all kinds of turfs, best described by the words “footwear bliss”. Yes, they are THAT lightweight and comfortable folks!

    One of the factors which contributes greatly to these shoes superior qualities is their spikeless design. With the Fi Impact, Nike created maybe the best spikeless golf shoe around at a very competitive price, a golf shoe that feels like home even in wetlands and that’s remarkable in that price-range and without a cleat-system. The Fi Impact is perfectly comparable in terms of performance with a regular-spiked golf shoe and they’re also waterproof. I can honestly tell you that the ground control and traction levels on mushy terrains are absolutely shocking the first time you test them!