Footjoy FreeStyle Boa Golf Shoe Review

    The Footjoy FreeStyle Boa retail for $179,99 and they're designed and built for providing total freedom of movement on the golf course, excellent grip on any type of turf and supreme comfort levels, right out of the box! The outsole of the Footjoy FreeStyle Boa comes fully packed with the latest technologies in golf industry and some of of the best Footjoy's proprietary ones for delivering tremendous traction, incredible flexibility and a comfortable ride for golf players looking for best in class footwear, in terms of mobility. The newest Footjoy FreeStyle Boa golf shoes are a result of intense testing, and the main thing about them is their clever design that allows you to benefit from total freedom of movement during your swings, without sacrificing grip and traction in the process. The key technology incorporated into their built is their unique gripping system, called FROGS, which draws inspiration from the tree frog and it emulates the frog's incredible flexibility and grip properties in the functional elements and the texture of the shoe's outsole.

    Basically, the R&D team from Footjoy managed to create a truly unique golf shoe via an specially designed gripping system inspired from nature. The FROGS gizmo consists of a soft translucent rubber, low profile cleats (Softspikes Pulsar) and a very soft midsole that increases cushioning levels. The combo resulted from the use of these three distinctive elements will give you enormous traction and tremendous comfort, together with outstanding mobility during your swings. The mesh is very lightweight and 100% waterproof, while in the same time it provides incredible breathability, comfort and durability .The Boa dial which is integrated into the heel of the shoes provides a very stable heel fit and, no question about it, the Footjoy FreeStyle Boa is the most mobile golf shoe on the market. While the styling is a matter of personal taste, just go on and try the latest Footjoy FreeStyle Boa and you'll be impressed by the mobility, comfort and traction levels provided by these babies.