Golf Magazine OnlineAmong golf’s many unique aspects are the seemingly endless variables and conditions it presents, from round to round, hole to hole and even shot to shot. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you find yourself staring at a situation you’ve never faced before.

A ball buried under a bunker lip.

A shot from a bed of pine straw.

An approach to a green with a “false front.”

At any given time, a golfer might need to adjust to changing weather conditions, like wind, or different playing surfaces, such as wet sand or long grass. On one hole, you find your ball on a hardpan lie. On the next, you’ve got to play over trees. Later, you’re staring at a downhill stance. Then up comes a strong crosswind to throw everything out of whack.

Our Golf Magazine, Playing Advice section is your resource for online tips on handling golf’s ever-shifting demands.

The Golf Magazine online type tips listed to your left, offered in both text and video formats, will prepare you for what to expect on the golf course. (Short answer: anything and everything.) We’ll explain what might happen in a given spot (e.g., from wet grass, iron shots spin less and roll farther) and why (because water gets between the grooves and the ball). And we’ll tell you, in plain English, exactly how to deal with the situation – step by step.

The Golf Magazine Playing Advice section includes tips on tackling various lies and surfaces, from fairway to rough, bunkers to the green. We examine the choice between hitting draws or fades, and explore your options when playing from the trees (it happens to the best golfers).

Reading the wind, deciding when to lay up and when to go for broke, hitting from a water hazard, shaping your strategy to match certain course design features – just a few among dozens of golf topics covered in-depth here at

Our online Golf Magazine library of golf tips and lessons is constantly expanding, so if you can’t find the advice you’re looking for, drop us a line via the Suggest A Tip function. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something crazy is bound to happen.

1.3 Easy Ways to Hit a High Golf Shot
2.3 Easy Ways to Hit a Low Golf Shot
3.A Simple Golf Drill to “Heel” Chipping Ailments
4.Adjust Technique to Handle Varying Sand Conditions – Golf Tip
5.Adjust Yardage, Trust Golf Swing to Deal With Elevation Changes
6.Aggressive Route Over Hazards Going for It!
7.Alternatives to Chipping – Golf Tip
8.Attack Soft Lies and Pine Straw Like Fairway Bunkers – Golf Tip
9.Avoid “Blow-Up” Holes with Better Golf Course Management
10.“Random Practice” – Take the Golf Course to the Range
11.Benefits Of A Marvelous Short Game – Golf Tip
12.Benefits of a Nine-Hole Golf Round
13.Best Ways To Get Over A Golf Bunker
14.Best Ways To Practice Golf Chipping
15.Between Clubs: Best 3 Ways to Handle This Tricky Position
16.Between Golf Clubs on the Approach? Here’s What to Do
17.Bounce the Ball Through a Bunker When Choices are Limited – Golf Tip
18.Bunker Golf Shots Made Easier
19.Burn Calories On Golf Course, Walking Or Riding
20.Cause And Cure Of Deep Toe Or Heel Golf Divots – Golf Tip
21.Causes & Cures: The Shank – Golf Tip
22.Causes and Cures Golf Tip: Missing Short Putts (aka “the Yips”)
23.Causes and Cures: Arms-Only Golf Swing
24.Causes and Cures: Blocked Golf Shots to the Right, Part I
25.Causes and Cures: Blocked Golf Shots to the Right, Part II
26.Causes and Cures: Chicken Wing Golf Slice – Tuck the Shirt Sleeve – Golf Swing Tip
27.Causes and Cures: Golf Chipping “Yips”
28.Causes and Cures: Golf Fat Shots
29.Causes and Cures: Leaving Bunker Shots in the Sand – Golf Swing Tip
30.Causes and Cures: Thin Golf Shots
31.Causes and Cures: Topped Golf Shots and Ground Balls
32.Check Green’s Break Before Lining Up Bunker Shots – Golf Tip
33.Chip Coins for Crisper Contact – Golf Tip
34.Chipping Golf Tip: Hands Lead Clubhead
35.Clean Grooves, Dry Clubface Before Each Golf Shot
36.Club Selection Varies Based On Conditions – Golf Swing Tip
37.Cold Weather Play – Golf Tip
38.Consider Variables When Playing from Greenside Rough – Golf Tip
39.Control Iron Shots with Short Finish – Golf Swing Tip
40.Control Pitching Distance with Underhand Toss – Golf Tip
41.Control the Clubhead with Hinge Golf Drill
42.Correct Chipping Golf Club Choice
43.Correct Your Inconsistent Golf Shots
44.Course Management Insight
45.Curve Your Shots to Hit Straight Fairways – Golf Tip
46.Divots Pointing Left of the Target Line Means ? – Golf Tip
47.Do You Need Different Swings for Driver and Irons ? – Golf Tip
48.Don’t Fall for the “Sucker Pin” – Golf Tip
49.Don’t Let Late-Round Fatigue Ruin Your Golf Score
50.Don’t Steer the Golf Ball when Fairway is Tight
51.Dress for Success: Golf Sunglasses Offer Many Benefits
52.Dress for Success: How to Choose Golf Outerwear
53.Dress for Success: How to Choose Golf Shirts
54.Dress for Success: How to Choose Golf Shoes
55.Dress for Success: How to Choose Golf Shorts and Pants
56.Dress for Success: Make Sure Your Golf Shoes Fit
57.Dress for Success: Proper Golf Clothing Can Make a Difference
58.Eat Right to Maximize Golf Performance
59.Engine of the Golf Club Shaft or Head?
60.Escape the Buried Lie in a Bunker – Golf Swing Tip
61.Escaping Trouble: When to Drop Your Golf Ball, When to Play It
62.Explosion Shot a Good Weapon Outside the Bunker – Golf Swing Tip
63.Fade or Draw? Depends on the Hole – Golf Tip
64.Fix Your Up-and-Down Golf Game with Proper Fundamentals
65.Flag In or Out on Short Greenside Shots ? – Golf Tip
66.Flatten Swing to Hit Spinning Sand Shots – Golf Tip
67.Fluffy Golf Ball Lie Basics: Short Game
68.Focus on Target, Not Ball, to Enhance Feel – Golf Tip
69.Free Online Golf Lessons, Golf Info Guide
70.Getting the Shaft: Torque Should Match Golf Swing Speed
71.Golf – How Do I Improve My Strike With Irons?
72.Golf – How Do I Keep My Head Down?
73.Golf – How To Aim Straight Off The Tee
74.Golf – Ultimate Distance Control From 100 Yards And In
75.Golf – Why Do Pros Draw The Golf Ball?
76.Golf Accessories: Best Apps for Your Smartphone
77.Golf Ball Covers: Surlyn vs. Urethane
78.Golf Ball on Cart Path: Playing It Could Be Best Option
79.Golf Bunker Shots
80.Golf Causes and Cures: Pull Hooks
81.Golf Course Management Skills
82.Golf Fix: Proper Deep Breathing for a Tension-Free Swing
83.Golf Lie, Basic Fluffy Full Shots
84.Golf Lingo: Moving Off the Ball
85.Golf Lingo: Ready Golf
86.Golf Lingo: Smash Factor
87.Golf Practice Game Videos Top 5
88.Golf Rotation, How to Rotate Your Body Without Sliding
89.Golf Slice, Part I Causes and Cures
90.Golf Slice, Part II Causes and Cures
91.Golf Spine Angle, Why It Determines Your Swing Plane
92.Golf Tip: Adjust Your Game When Playing Older Courses
93.Golf Tip: Improve Flexibility For Perfect Posture
94.Golf Tip: Make the Most of Your Good Days
95.Golf Tip: The Right Way to Keep Your Left Arm Straight
96.Golf Tip: What is a “Cape” Hole, and How Do You Play It?
97.Golf Tip: What is a “False Front” on a Green, and How Do You Play It?
98.Golf Tip: What is a “Postage Stamp” Green, and How Do You Play It?
99.Golf Tip: What is a “Pot Bunker” – and How Do You Play It?
100.Golf Tip: What is a “Redan” Hole, and How Do You Play It?
101.Golf Tip: What is a Center-Line Bunker, and How Do You Play It?
102.Golf Tip: What is a Split Fairway, and How Do You Play It?
103.Golf Tip: What is an Elevated Green, and How Do You Play It?
104.Golf Tips for Better Long Iron Play
105.Good Morning: Adjust for Moisture in Early Golf Rounds
106.Hand Placement Affects Ball Flight – Golf Tip
107.Handle the Heat with Pre-Round Preparation – Golf Tip
108.Help To Get The Golf Ball Closer When Chipping
109.Hit it Higher on Downwind Shots – Golf Swing Tip
110.How And Why You Should Swing Around Your Spine – Golf Swing Tip
111.How and Why You Should Use Golf Clubs with Aim and Alignment Marks
112.How and Why: Bump-and-Run Golf Shot
113.How And Why: Make The Golf Ball Spin Backwards – Golf Tip
114.How Do I Create Back Spin On A Golf Ball?
115.How Not To Strike Turf Before The Golf Ball – Golf Tip
116.How To Adjust Distance For Downhill Shots In Golf – Golf Tip
117.How to Best Play Wide Fairways
118.How to Best Manage Par 3 Golf Holes – Golf Tip
119.How to Break Out of a Golf Slump
120.How to Correct Inconsistent Golf Chips
121.How to Correct Inconsistent Golf Putting
122.How to Determine Your Natural Shot Shape – Golf Tip
123.How To Finish A Round Strong
124.How To Fix The Problem Of Your Divots Being Too Deep – Golf Tip
125.How to Fix: Bad 3-wood Shots Off the Fairway – Constant Spine Angle – Golf Swing T
126.How To Get More Club Head Speed? Grip The Club Lightly – Golf Tip
127.How to Handle Different Lies in a Bunker – Golf Tip
128.How to Handle Tight Lies Around the Green – Golf Tip
129.How to Hit a 40- to 50-Yard Golf Shot
130.How to Hit A Golf Ball Over Trees
131.How to Hit a Greenside Bunker Shot From Wet Sand – Golf Tip
132.How to Hit a High Wedge Shot – Golf Tip
133.How to Hit a Lob Wedge from a Tight Lie – Golf Tip
134.How to Hit a Low Wedge Shot – Golf Tip
135.How to Hit a Muddy Golf Ball
136.How to Hit From a Fairway Bunker – Golf Tip
137.How to Hit More Greens in Regulation – Golf Tip
138.How to Hit Wedges into Firm Greens – Golf Swing Tip
139.How to Hit Wedges into Soft Greens – Golf Swing Tip
140.How To Improve Golf Shot Accuracy – Golf Tip
141.How to Improve Your Golf Game, Four Keys to Follow
142.How to Lower Your Golf Handicap by Improving Your Fitness
143.How to Make Golf More Enjoyable
144.How to Make Golf Practice Fun: Chipping, Pitching and Bunker Play
145.How to Make Golf Practice Fun: On the Green – Golf Tip
146.How to Make Golf Practice Fun: On the Range
147.How To Make More Golf Birdies By Working On Distance Control
148.How to Measure Green Speed – Golf Tip
149.How to Play a Fade Into the Wind – Golf Tip
150.How to Play a Golf Hole that’s Got Your Number
151.How To Practice Golf, Top 5 Priority List
152.How to Practice Wedge Shot Distance Control – Golf Swing Tip
153.How to Read the Wind – Golf Tip
154.How to Read Your Lie in the Rough – Golf Tip
155.How to Recover When Your Golf Ball is in the Trees
156.How to Score Inside Golf’s “Red Zone”
157.How to Stop Coming Over the Top – Golf Tip
158.How To Stop The Left Hand Over Rotating Through Impact – Golf Tip
159.How To Track Your Golf Scores And Progress
160.How to Transition Driver Distance From the Practice Range to the Course
161.How to Turn the Tide on a Bad Round – Golf Tip
162.How to: Get High-Percentage Golf Shots
163.How to: Work the Golf Ball
164.Impact Bag: Great Tool for Creating Clubhead Lag – Golf Swing Tip
165.Improve Sand Shots with a Shallower Swing – Golf Tip
166.Improve Your Golf Pitching Problems
167.In Too Deep: Use Lofted Club to Escape Thick Stuff – Golf Tip
168.Increase Swing Speed for More Spin on Sand Shots – Golf Tip
169.Inside Approach, Deliver the Golf Club from Inside Target Line Why & How
170.Keep Your Footing on Loose Ground – Golf Tip
171.Keys to Handling the Flyer Lie – Golf Tip
172.Knock It Close with the Three-Quarter Wedge – Golf Swing Tip
173.Know When to Lay Up, When to Go For It – Golf Tip
174.Learn from Your Ball Flight Trajectory – Golf Tip
175.Learn the Bump-and-Run to Master Firm Conditions – Golf Tip
176.Learn Your Home Golf Course, Part I
177.Learn Your Home Golf Course, Part II
178.Learning Golf: Lessons From A Pro vs. Self-Taught Approach
179.Let Go with Right Hand for Smoother Short Game – Golf Tip
180.Look Past the Pin on Short-Side Pitch Shots – Golf Tip
181.Lower Back Care For Golf
182.Make “Poor” Contact to Control Quick Pitches, Putts
183.Make the Most of Golf Practice on Mats
184.Make The Most Out Of Your Golf Practice
185.Mirror, Mirror: Reflection Can Guide You to Better Putting
186.Mirror, Mirror: Reflection Can Guide You to Correct Fundamentals (Part I) – Golf Tip
187.Mirror, Mirror: Reflection Can Guide You to Correct Fundamentals (Part II) – Golf Ti
188.Monitoring Changes in Your Game After Improved Fitness
189.Overlapping vs. Interlocking: What is the Best Golf Grip?
190.Pitch, Don’t Chip, When Playing Aerified Greens – Golf Swing Tip
191.Planning Your Shots Out of Divots
192.Play Chips Like Miniature Iron Shots – Golf Tip
193.Play Short Courses to Sharpen Iron Golf Game, Strategy
194.Play the Run-Up Approach from Rough Close to Green – Golf Tip
195.Play to Your Strengths When Laying Up – Golf Tip
196.Playing from a Steep Bunker Face – Golf Tip
197.Playing Golf In the Wind
198.Practice Makes Things Possible
199.Pros and Cons of Every Golf Grip Style
200.Pull Slice, Causes and Cures
201.Punch Shot Can be a Golfer’s Best Friend – Golf Tip
202.Push Slice, Causes and Cures
203.Right Palm Up for Better Golf Bunker Shots
204.Several Golf Options You Can Take to the Bank
205.Short Golf Game Tip: Be Aggressive When Greens are Soft, Slow
206.Short Par 4 Strategy: Lay Up, or Let It Rip ? – Golf Tip
207.Short Shots in the Wind: Adapt to Conditions – Golf Tip
208.Should I Hit The Ground When Hitting Golf Irons?
209.Simple Golf Drill to Fix Your Slice Shot
210.Spine Should Tilt at Address, But Not Too Much – Golf Swing Tip
211.Stability Key in Fairway Bunkers – Golf Swing Tip
212.Start To Get Closer With Your Golf Wedges
213.Steepen Your Swing to Escape Deep Rough – Golf Swing Tip
214.Stop Blocking Golf Shots to the Right
215.Stop Coming Up Short and Right on Approach Golf Shots
216.Stop Decelerating on Long Chip Shots – Golf Tip
217.Stop Fatting Golf Chip Shots Right Now
218.Stop Hitting Golf Wedge Shots Behind The Ball
219.Stop the Golf Putting Yips
220.Stop Thinning Golf Chip Shots Now
221.Stop Wasting Shots from Inside 100 Yards – Golf Tip
222.Straight Golf Shots Require Fully Extended Arms at Impact
223.Strike Down to Escape Hardpan and Divots – Golf Tip
224.Study Your Clubs for Signs of Swing Issues – Golf Tip
225.Target Determines Alignment, Trajectory and Shot Shape – Golf Tip
226.The Balanced Approach to Better Golf
227.The Best Slice Correction Tip in Golf
228.The Best Tips to Stop Topping/Thinning the Ball – Golf Swing Tip
229.The Cause of Vibration After Impacting the Golf Ball
230.The Complete Round: Master the Middle Holes – Golf Tip
231.Three Approaches to Par 5 Layups – Golf Tip
232.Three Golf Tricks Shots to Escape Trouble
233.Three More Golf Tricks Shots to Escape Trouble
234.Tight Lies, Basics for Irons, Hybrids, Fairway Woods
235.Tilt Shaft Toward the Target for Pure Iron Shots – Golf Tip
236.Tips for Handling a Heavy Crosswind, Part I Golf Tip
237.Tips for Handling a Heavy Crosswind, Part II Golf Tip
238.Tips to Avoid the Dreaded “Chili-Dip” Golf Tip
239.Tips to Improve Your Short-Game Touch – Golf Tip
240.Tips to Master Long Greenside Bunker Golf Shots
241.Top 10 Tips for Faster Play on the Golf Course
242.Top 3 Ways to Cure Your Golf Slice
243.Top 3 Ways to Fix Your Hook – Golf Swing Tip
244.Top 3 Ways to Focus on the Golf Course
245.Top 3 Ways to Lower Your Golf Scores without Making Swing Changes
246.Top 3 Ways to Practice Golf During Winter
247.Top 3 Ways to Prevent “Blow-Up” Holes – Golf Tip
248.Top 3 Ways to Stop Topping the Golf Ball
249.Top 5 Ways to Deal with Slow Golf Course Play
250.Track Your Stats to Lower Your Scores – Golf Tip
251.Trust Your Natural Shot in a Crosswind – Golf Swing Tip
252.Two Options on Uphill Chip Shots – Golf Swing Tips
253.Two Ways to Play a Fast, Downhill Chip – Golf Tip
254.Understand Course Design to Play Strategic Golf
255.Understanding Wrist Hinge in the Golf Swing
256.Use Angles for Better Golf Course Management – Golf Tip
257.Use Club’s Bounce for Crisp Pitch Shots – Golf Tip
258.Use Gap Wedge to Hit Long Chips with Topspin – Golf Tip
259.Use Golf Ball Logo to Set Up Fade or Draw – Golf Swing Tip
260.Use Less Lofted Club to Play Run-Up Chip – Golf Tip
261.Use Putting Stroke For Consistent Chipping
262.Use Putting Stroke to Chip with a Hybrid
263.Use Sand Wedge to Pitch from Thick Rough – Golf Tip
264.Use This Golf Drill to Find Your Natural Tempo
265.Using the “Chip-and-Run” for Consistent Shots – Golf Swing Tip
266.What Golf Clubs Are Easiest To Hit – Golf Tip For Irons, Hybrids And Woods
267.What Is A Golf Rescue Club ? – Golf Tip
268.What Is Sidespin On the Golf Ball?
269.What You Can Learn from Furyk’s 59
270.When and How to Chip From a Bunker – Golf Tip
271.When and How to Play from a Water Hazard – Golf Tip
272.When Distance Becomes a Problem Top 3
273.When It’s Breezy Swing Easy – Golf Swing Tip
274.When to Chip, When to Pitch From Near the Green – Golf Tip
275.When to Take Your Medicine in a Bunker – Golf Tip
276.Why You Shouldn’t Try to Hit the Golf Ball Straight