New Balance Golf 1701 Golf Shoe Review

    If you’re looking for a feather light golf shoes which feels feather light, it’s very affordable and looks more like an athletic silhouette while having all the characteristics of a high quality, dedicated piece of golf footwear, well, look no further than the New Balance Golf 1701. Despite being a relatively inexperienced company when it comes to dedicated golf footwear, like some sort of a new kid on the block, New Balance managed to do a great job with the 1701. Being well known for their classy looking and supremely comfortable running shoes, New Balance put their “athletic” experience into these babies with remarkable results. The New Balance Golf 1701 are the best of both worlds, feeling at home on any type of turf while they may be the perfect choice for wearing them off the golf course too.

    The best thing about these babies is that they’re designed to be a “sleeper”; what I am trying to tell you is that they have an innocent look at a first glance, featuring a synthetic leather upper (a micro-fiber of some sort), which makes them look casual and not very professional. But that’s just a first impression; as soon as you start swinging, you’ll understand that they’re made from “the right stuff”. The New Balance Golf 1701 feature a smart designed outsole for providing you with huge amounts of grip/traction, thanks to their light and thin locking cleat system (Champ Slim-Lok)which works together with the Ndurance (a proprietary technology) rubber outsole. The midsole is well cushioned (it features an EVA foam injected directly inside the sole during the manufacturing process) and it absorbs well the impacts while providing you with great tactile feedback, being well adjusted for various styles of play and all imaginable course conditions. Also, these golf shoes are designed to resist to wear and tear thanks to the special rubber compound used in the high wear areas on the outsole. Basically, the New Balance Golf 1701 are built to last, and since they cost next to nothing, i.e. they retail for only $109 (even less if you spot them on sale on the internet), they’re pretty high on my recommendation list, falling into the best bang for the buck category.