Puma Biodrive Golf Shoe Review

    The Puma Biodrive was designed to be an all-rounder/highly versatile shoe, being able to work both as training footwear and a golf shoe. Basically, with the Biodrive you’ll get two pairs of shoes at the price of one ($120 that is).

    In terms of looks, these babies are available in four different colorways and, while the upper resembles an athletic shoe, the carbon-rubber outsole features 10 octagon-shaped traction elements which provide you with an amazing 130 points of traction. On a closer look, each octagon on the outsole has grippy protuberances on its perimeter, and thanks to this clever design the Puma Biodrive will provide you with unparalleled traction when compared to other spikeless golf shoes, being among the best in the branch. Also, this distinctive outsole design will offer you a very pleasant and smooth experience while playing (not necessarily golf)/training on indoor surfaces. Basically, thanks to their “performance zones”(on the heel, the forefoot and the midfoot) on the outsole, including specially designed points in the center, these shoes will perform exceptionally well both on and off the golf course. Puma worked hard and used advanced biomechanics when building the Biodrive and the end result is a great daily performer which provides you with the optimum amounts of grip, balance, flexibility and comfort during your swings and then some! The Puma Biodrive comes with 2 years waterproof warranty, so rest assured, even if you’re from the UK/Scotland or whatever, they’re the perfect choice if you’re a golf enthusiast.