Ashworth Cardiff ADC 2 Golf Shoe Review

    The Ashworth Cardiff ADC 2 is a re-iteration of the original ADC golf shoe which hit the shelves back in 2012. The ADC were among the first street shoes that had the capability of providing you with excellent performance on the golf course while keeping a casual, relaxed design, being versatile and comfy both on and off the turf. The ADC 2 is an evolution from all points of view, because Ashworth is a highly innovative brand and plays with the top dogs when it comes to golf footwear. However, the ADC being the most popular shoes of the Ashworth brand, they followed the principle “if something is not broken, it doesn’t require fixing”, hence the ADC 2 stuck with the initial formula which proved successful for years in a row.

    ADC stands for “all day comfort”, thus the Cardiff ADC 2 are built with comfort in mind above all else. The soft leather upper and the spikeless outsole of the ADC 2 were created for golfers who love comfort and versatility, yet are not willing to compromise performance in the process. In this case, performance means grip/traction, because the comfort offered by the Ortholite insole (this technology offers breathability and provides a bounce back feature for reducing fatigue and increasing the overall comfort of the shoe) and the already proven lightweight/breathability of the ADC series is not in question here. So, the ADC 2 comes with a re-designed outsole which is now capable of delivering even more traction and grip on any type of turf and also it will provide you with additional cushioning and greater flexibility vs the previous generation. Whether on or off the golf course, wearing the Ashworth Cardiff ADC 2 will make sure that you’ll benefit from exceptional comfort and feedback ; bottom line, they’re a worthy successor of the original ADC shoe, being the perfect fit for casual golf players anywhere.