Ashworth Kingston Golf Shoe Review

    If you choose to buy the Ashworth Kingston golf shoes, you’ll basically make a statement that you have impeccable taste. And also that sometimes you put elegance above practicality. These awesome looking golf shoes are designed featuring a full grain leather upper with microfiber linings, with the end result being a head-turner on the golf course. The Ashworth Kingston golf shoes come with a timeless design, mixing old school with contemporary colors and features, especially with its refined color accents. Wearing them is more than a fashion statement, it’s a declaration that you want to look your best both on and off the turf, from that point when you tee off, during your swings and the whole nine yards.

    Built for both looks and comfort, the Kingston golf shoes use a feather light sockliner which offers you great cushioning levels. The outsole is very grippy and the traction is improved substantially by the use of high quality rubber lugs which work together with a 7 cleat system. The classic profile delivers tremendous levels of traction for an improved golfing performance on all turfs. These shoes come with 2 years waterproof warranty and 90 days of comfort guarantee, including an extra set of laces for matching your wardrobe. Bottom line, beautiful design meets perfect craftsmanship in the Ashworth Kingston, with the end result being a timeless-looking golf shoe which doesn’t compromise in terms of performance.