ECCO New World Class Golf Shoe Review

    The ECCO New World Class is a high-end golf shoe which retails for $350 a pair (they’re on sale from $450!). Now, if you think the price tag is hefty, well, for that kind of money you’ll receive a luxurious piece of footwear, traditionally styled and hand-made in Portugal by specialized workers that are using high-end materials. Basically, the ECCO New World Class are an awesome mélange of ECCO’s state of the art technology and knowhow with handcrafted leather-work, the end result being a stellar golf shoe aimed to please the pickiest customer.

    The upper is made from high quality/hand crafted leather which offers unparalleled levels of comfort and performance, being augmented by ECCO’s HydroMax technology which confers state of the art protection against weather and perspiration while providing perfect breathability for your feet. Talking about superior craftsmanship, these shoes feature a second skin lining (leather made) and an additional 3 mm inlay sole for contributing further to your comfort and cushioning. The outsole is made from a water repellent material and comes in a spiked design, using Stinger 3 Spikes and a proprietary Lok system. In terms of performance, these babies are top notch, providing you with optimum amounts of stability, grip and flexibility during your swings, without compromising comfort in the process. If you want the best, look no further than ECCO New World Class.