Nike Lunar Bandon Golf Shoe Review

    The Nike Lunar Bandon golf shoe retails for $140 and it’s named after one of the most interesting/peculiar golf properties in the world. Bandon is a place where you’ll encounter unique conditions during your game, i.e. a humid/rainy climate and rough terrains. The combination of mud, rain and wind is the trademark of Bandon and any golf player staying here will have to confront them at some point. Basically, these shoes were built by Nike to “meet and exceed” the requirements of such a “friendly” place.
    The Nike Lunar Bandon are designed with a simple premise in mind: to keep your feet warm, clean and dry even in these extreme conditions. And Nike did it admirably; I can guarantee you that these shoes are better than any other when it comes to mud and rain; they’re able to handle all these difficult conditions thanks to their impenetrable outer shield which zips up at an angle, thus providing you with great comfort and a perfect seal. I tried at some point to spray water from a hose on these shoes, to check out their waterproofness, and they passed the test with flying colors. The Lunar sole is very soft and comfy right out of the box while the heel cut is designed for providing less rub while playing/walking and great flexibility. The outsole offers tremendous amounts of grip thanks to the special design featuring molded rubber spikes and a cleverly engineered profile with aggressive cleats. There’s a new lacing system implemented here, using thin laces which offer a secure fit and great comfort all day long. If you’re planning to play golf in rough weather/terrains, the Nike Lunar Bandon are probably your best option, being impermeable to sand, mud and rain.