FootJoy DryJoys Casual Golf Shoe Review

    As the name suggests, DryJoys Casual are, well, casual looking shoes, which can be worn on and off the golf course, but they don’t sacrifice comfort for high performance. Nonetheless, DryJoys Casual will provide you with exceptional comfort, feel and stability as they come with a spikeless design.

    Having a conservative look and being based on the Laser Plus last, just like the DryJoys Tour golfing shoes, the tongue is U shaped, the upper is made of high quality/treated to be waterproof Pittards leather and a sole which is crafted to combine three elements for unprecedented comfort: first, we have the spikeless sole made of TPU, which provides good grip on the turf, and then we have the middle and the upper layers, built using FootJoy’s proprietary fine tuned foam or FTF. This design offers excellent grip, stability and good cushioning, while the shoe remains light enough and comfortable to wear on hard surfaces, thanks to the FTF layer.

    Basically, the DryJoys Casual are extremely comfortable golf shoes you can still wear after the game is over (to the pub, for example), yet they offer you enough grip on the turf in any situation, being the no-nonsense option for any respectable golf player.
    Rest assured, these shoes were designed primarily as golf shoes, not as a fashion statement, as they incorporate state of the art technology and design for long term performance and durability. As I see it, with DryJoys Casual, FootJoy managed to build one of the best spikeless golf shoes on the market and definitely their best so far.

    The DryJoys Casual comes with a $180 price tag and they’re available in six color ways : black, white, white/orange, black/white, navy/Carolina and brown/Taupe. Also, DryJoys Casual benefit from two years waterproof warranty in normal use.